The Specifics

Born: 29 November 1983

Birth Star Sign: Sagittarius

Conception Star Sign: Pisces

Lived In: Johannesburg, South Africa and Perth, Western Australia

Height: 1.6m / 5ft 3”

Eye Color: Predominantly green, with blue and brown

Body Art: 10 Tattoos and 4 Piercings

Nationality: South African, Slovenian, Italian, Scottish, Irish and German

Heritage: Father’s side of the family originates from Slovenia which used to be part of Italy before World War II. Mother’s side of the family is combined between Scottish, Irish, German and a Heritage line with the family tree leading back to the current Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

Random Facts

Life Inspirations: Ruby Rose and Jennifer Beals

Spiritual Inspirations: John & Lisa Bevere, Lyndie McCauley and Nick Vujicic

Favourite Music Genre: A Bit of Everything

Favourite Music Artist & DJ: Ruby Rose

Favourite Actors: Ruby Rose, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Beals

Favourite Comedian: Ellen Degeneres

Favourite Talk Show: Ellen

Favourite TV Series: Batwoman, The L Word, Mom & Big Bang Theory

Favourite Movie Genre: Mostly Action Adventure / Basically Bit of Everything

My Quirks

The most random thing I’ve done to overcome a fear: Walk around a mall in my pyjamas, unbrushed hair, looking like I’ve just woken up… all just to overcome the fear of what people think of me.

If you don’t laugh with me, you’re sure to end up laughing at me, while I’m laughing at myself.

My regular outfit of the day: I’ve been known to regularly put on a tshirt or tank top inside out and backwards… without realizing it for an entire day… and yes, that includes clothing label sticking out all day, even in front of me! I’ve done it with gym pants once as well lol.

Depressed? Sad? I’ve been known to go to the extent of cheering someone up by putting on a trash bag as clothing, wearing sneakers, belt, sunglasses and my cap on backwards… and walking in “gansta” style… mannerisms and all!

Latest funny moment: Putting a hoodie on inside out and backwards… where as the hoodie covers my face, I automatically thought electricity cut off!


Music: Sony BMG, Rychuss Records, EPS Records and L & D Music

Film: EPS Records, ESNetwork,The Kalenga Touch and Clive Morris Productions

Media: Kelly Wallace (CNN), Jana Van Der Merwe (Huisegenoot) and Jana Smit (Rapoort), Tamryn Klintworth and Sophia Nelson

Celebrities: Carlo McFarlane, Kim McFarlane, Brian Temba, Musa Kalenga, Yudhika Sujanani, Bala Brothers Jessica Della Torre, Kutloano da Kruk, Lwazi Mngoma and Marlon Green

Government: David Molapo, Meshack Van Wyk, Tselani Tambo and Cynthia Tshaka

…and many more.

Only you know who you were born to be,
and you need to be free to be THAT PERSON.

~ Ruby Rose