Time. Perfectly Irrelevant.

As most mornings go around 3am, I wake up with my mind on overdrive… sorting puzzle pieces and trying to make some kind of sense on some random topic or other. I think consciously, I have way too much on my mind; usually, a chaotic whirlwind of thoughts regarding work, life and everything in between,…

The Truth That Would Break Marinda’s Allegiance to Cecilia Steyn

The lie that built the foundation for Marinda Steyn’s allegiance to Cecilia Steyn; the truth that would set it all crumbling down… and, possibly, get Marinda Steyn to confess even more about what Cecilia Steyn had done. The disturbing obsession that led to undying loyalty, all because Cecilia Steyn was the closest Marinda Steyn had to the “tangible lie”.

The Type Of Extreme Brainwashing. The Movie Cecelia Steyn Finally Scared Me With.

There were countless methods as to how Cecilia Steyn would brainwash people; movies was a major method used… to numb you out, to make you believe her claims of her occult upbringing and to scare you. There was only one movie that Cecilia Steyn FINALLY managed to scare me with… and still to this day, even knowing the truth, I still feel the exact same extreme fear run through me as it did back when Cecilia had fooled me.