When The Crimes REALLY Started

The vast majority of the world thinks that the crimes committed by the Krugersdorp Killers started only a few years ago, BUT they had already started during the time that I was still best friends with Cecilia Steyn; although, I was completely unaware, at that stage, that it was Cecilia committing these crimes. And for all I know, these crimes had started even before I had met her too. Cecilia Steyn TOO OFTEN spoke about the murders she had committed in her life, bragging about them; all while claiming that she had only committed the murders because the occult had forced her to do it. The ways in which she had described these past murders was EXACTLY the same way that the recent victims were killed; those mentioned during trial and the countless others that were not mentioned too.

Added to this, Cecilia Steyn wasn’t only guilty of the types of crimes mentioned during the trial. There were many others too. I touch on just a few here.

*WARNING / SENSITIVE* The Worst Murder Committed By Cecilia Steyn

Before you listen to this audio, please, please brace yourself. It was extremely hard for me to relate – taking a number of pauses & deep breaths because of tears choking me up. This is by far the most sadistic murder committed by Cecilia Steyn and her group. It was never mentioned during trial, but there was enough evidence. It is highly sadistic, sick and twisted. Please brace yourself if you’re going to listen to it.

*WARNING* Hitmen. The Terrifying Reality

This is something that was never talked about before, at least not publicly. The terrifying fact that there were and possibly still hitmen out there doing Cecilia Steyn’s biddings. This whole story is very far from over…

(This is another reason why I choose to speak up… in the hopes of preserving lives.)

Cecilia Steyn Caught Outside Of Her “Boundaries” (K. Trip)

Everyone in Cecilia Steyn’s group was well aware of her supposed boundaries set by the occult. She was “never able” to travel outside of them because she would ultimately stop breathing and die. This is the first time I was outside of the boundaries with Cecilia Steyn… without her even realizing it… until I mentioned it.

Witnessing Cecilia Steyn’s Foolproof Methods (K. Trip)

This street, in Krugersdorp, was one that Cecilia Steyn had taken me to so many times during our supposed friendship. Little did I know was that I was watching the mastermind in action, carrying out just one of her foolproof methods that was ultimately one of the main things that kept us believing her lies about her horrid health status and supposed claims for being attacked by the occult.