*WARNING / SENSITIVE* Animals Victimized For Control

Please brace yourself if you listen to this! Cecilia Steyn’s sadistic methods and tactics for controlling her group, and anyone she met, REGULARLY involved victimizing animals… to gut wrenching extremes.

*WARNING* Hitmen. The Terrifying Reality

This is something that was never talked about before, at least not publicly. The terrifying fact that there were and possibly still hitmen out there doing Cecilia Steyn’s biddings. This whole story is very far from over…

(This is another reason why I choose to speak up… in the hopes of preserving lives.)

A War Between Dreams vs Reality. Warnings About Cecilia Steyn

The non-stop warning dreams I had each time I slept, warning me about Cecilia Steyn… as well as with being constantly bombarded with all the nonsense from Cecilia, this nonsense also entered my dreams… A war began between my dreams vs reality… were dreams “reality” and reality “non-reality”?