Cecilia Steyn, The All Powerful

Cecilia Steyn was never short of extensive claims over her life, especially when it came to her occult related abilities. The top 10 claimed abilities… some I had personally witnessed, some of which others witnessed… and others, outright lies. All of which leaves me questioning, “Who REALLY is Cecilia Steyn?”

Cecilia Steyn, The Werewolf

The countless scenarios regarding Cecilia Steyn’s werewolf bloodline… her transformation… the fangs… the dangers…  the “evidence”… Cecilia, a proud mother of her werewolf daughter’s fangs… and my confession about seeing Cecilia as a werewolf.

(Names removed for privacy purposes)

“Who is” Cecilia Steyn? The Gates Of Hell & The Bride of Satan (Part 1)

Cecilia Steyn’s birth was prophesied about for years… to then be born into the occult, to endure the abuse, the training, have specifically structured DID systems, to inherit supernatural abilities, to commit murders, and to be married to satan during an occult ritual… all with the purpose for opening the gates of hell on Earth.