So early hours of the morning… as it usually happens… inspiration hit. I have to write ANOTHER book, while I am still busy with one (The Best Friend). I even woke up with the Book Title: “God & The Bizzare“. Yes, odd title… but VERY fitting.

It’s been told to me repeatedly for years now, and escalated even more so recently, that I need to tell people about my life… share my life stories. ONE portion of my life has exploded through media already BUT that portion is NOTHING in comparison to the other aspects of my life.

I have lived through the strong belief that “words are easy”, so “walk the walk”… and more so, through your life, people will SEE and KNOW that God is REAL.

So that’s what this book is about… BUT it is NOT for the faint hearted. It is not to enforce beliefs upon people, it is to share my VERY REAL life experiences. It’s going to baffle minds. But my life does that to people already as it is. I have lived and survived through The Krugersdorp Killers… BUT I have lived and survived through MUCH MORE AND MUCH WORSE! I think it’s now time to talk and share about how God has LITERALLY and even TANGIBLY rescued me out of countless… COUNTLESS scenarios in my life… scenarios most people don’t even go through, and things people don’t even realize truly exist or still happen today. My life… the very reason I am still alive today, is ONLY because of God.