To rather not care,
would be easier
than to feel helpless.

To see someone you love
in pain
and not to be able
to do anything,
to try reach out
to help
and to be
turned away,
in a pretense
that all is fine,
tears deeply at the heart.

Desperation of wanting
to do something,
but not knowing
what to do,
to make the pain
and the problems
go away.
Would it not be easier
for someone
to share your pain,
to share your tears,
and then
to wipe them away?

Even if they could
do nothing to help,
Would it not be
comforting enough,
to know that
you could share your heart,
with someone
who really listens,
with someone
who really does care?

Why walk away?
Why shut yourself up?
Why drown yourself in pain?
When someone is reaching out,
desperately trying to help.

For as long as
you stand in silence,
will be as long as
I stand waiting
for the chance to listen.

I will never move.
I will never leave.
I will never look the other way.

I will wait
as long as it takes
for you
to trust me enough,
to let me in,
to let me listen,
to let me care,
to let me help,
and to let me
try lift you
to your feet again.

My love is a fortress
for your heart,
a place where
you can run to,
a place where
you can hide,
a place where
you can keep
your deepest secrets.
It is a place of safety,
a place of refuge
and a place of strength.

My heart
listens to the words
you don’t say,
and feels the pain
you can’t bear to mention.

My love
cries with you in despair,
and fights to repair
the shattered pieces
of your broken heart.

To rather not care
would be easier
than to feel helpless.
But to not care
would be harder
than to live without air.

So even beyond
living and dying,
I would still be there.
by your side,
in silence,
for you,
and hoping
for the chance
to be able
to listen
to what’s in your heart…