Everyone has their own pain;
A shadow of their past
following behind them.

Secrets untold,
memories wished to be forgotten
and wounds that still
ache in the night.

To think of the past,
to remember the pain,
to cry deep inside,
all in desperation,
all in hope
for someone to take it away.

But we put on a mask,
build up walls,
to hide from everyone,
to protect ourselves
from it all happening again.

Not sure who to trust
because we’ve been betrayed before,
but yet so desperate
for comfort,
for healing
and just for someone
to care.

I wish I could have been there.

I would’ve
gone through it all.
I would’ve
never left your side.
I would’ve
always been there.

When you hurt
and when you cried,
I would’ve
tried to make you smile.

I would’ve
been there to pick you up,
and even tried
to catch you
before you fall.
I would’ve
fought for you,
tried to protect you.
I would’ve
had your back
through it all.

I really wish
I could have been there,
from the beginning
and then through it all.

I would’ve
tried to make it hurt less.
I would’ve
been there to wipe away the tears.

I would’ve
taken away the knife
and held you while you cried.

I would’ve
stayed up all night,
just to make sure you slept in peace.

I would’ve
looked after you
when you were sick.
I would’ve
hurt someone bad,
if they tried to hurt you.

Maybe if I was there,
it wouldn’t
have hurt so bad.
I don’t know,
but all do I know is,
I would’ve tried.

But I’m here now.
I’m here,
I’m here,
no matter what.

You can tell me anything
and show how you really feel.

You don’t have to be brave.
You don’t have to be strong.
You don’t have to pretend
that nothing’s ever wrong at all.
Your heart is safe with me
and your secret’s
will remain untold.

I will never turn on you,
lie to you
or make you hurt;
I am not like any other.

I may not always understand
but I always will care.

When you hurt,
it breaks me inside.
You never have to feel lonely.
I will always be there.
You never have to fight alone again.

Just look beside you,
I will be there.
I am not like
people in your past,
I am different,
I am real,
and I am here…