Some say it’s God, others call it Karma, the Universe, and so on… whatever you personally believe in, the result is still the same:

“…The thing reaped is the very thing sown, multiplied a hundredfold…” ~ Frederick William Robertson

“In this world, there really is a law of cause and effect: You reap what you sow. Then energy you put out really does come back to you.” ~ Michael Imperioli

“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

“…Sow an act… and you reap a destiny.” ~ Charles Reade

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” ~ Galatians 6:7

“Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow… Revenge returns itself upon the avenger.” ~ Mary Browne.

“Life is like a boomerang. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.” ~ Grant M. Bright

… and the list goes on. But you know what I’m referring to.

As the days and months have dragged on… added with my impatience and overthinking… my mind has paid very close attention to the things that have panned out.

Frustration. Amazement. Despair. Hope… A yo-yo of thoughts and emotions… Justice might feel delayed, but it’s coming… actually, justice has already been busy at work. Yet, it is not going to be the same (or look the same) for everyone that it’s being served to.

In dealing with the investigations for the remaining guilty, who are linked to the Krugersdorp Killers, the case was wrapped up around September 2022, papers filed and sent to the relevant departments to start with arrests… to eventually start with the trial in high court. Over 100 people on the list and with more than enough evidence to convict each for their relevant crimes. Hope was on the rise.

The months panned out and arrest warrants started being served… and some of the guilty went into hiding because news spread fast. Arrests started… but because of “connections”, evidence started going missing and those people were released. Other arrests were made… but because of “connections” again, bail was paid, and those people were also set free. The frustration was unexplainable. “Connections” in the “right places”. People with enough money and with enough resources and skills to try keep the guilty free.

While this was going on, Cecilia Steyn had also been busy with her attempts at pleas for being released from jail, all because, as she stated, “I cannot adapt to my surroundings.” Additionally, also faking her illnesses even more, yet again, in order to “try justify” her plea. Her pleas were denied. Her accomplices in this “mission” (who are outside of prison – including doctors) were identified, lost their jobs and their names added to the list.

The problem with evil is that it is evil… and that it is so easy to give in to it, even if it seems minor and even if it does not “really” look “that bad” at all. After all, if a simple lie can be justified with the “perfect explanation” for it to seem harmless, then potentially anything else can be justified too. How easy is it, nowadays, to “just look the other way” and to “pretend as if you didn’t see anything”… especially, if the price is right? It is very disheartening to find just how easy it is to bribe and sway seemingly good-hearted people to “look the other way”, to “shove evidence under the rug”, or to even become part of this ever-increasingly large group of guilty people amped at causing havoc in the lives of others.

It is a neighbour, a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a boss, a person you pass in the shopping centre, a public figure, someone in law enforcement and in the legal system… the list goes on. After talking with so many people, it honestly seems to boil down to: either you know the guilty, or you know someone who knows the guilty. It is that “close to home”; it is that terrifying at just how “good” evil can be at hiding behind its fool proof mask, pretending to be something it’s not.

“Hopeless” doesn’t even come close to describing how it feels at times when I see these things pan out behind the scenes. But, yet, I am also, admittedly, looking through my own “blinders” because I cannot see everything that goes on. There have been times where I have lost hope… only to find out that justice was actually busy being served, even when I couldn’t see it before. I just had to wait. I can’t be everywhere and I don’t know everything. Patience. Not my strong suit, to be bluntly honest.

But there is another “method” at play, that has made itself very, very dominantly and adamantly clear as I have watched these last 16+ years pan out. Yes, it’s been over 16 years (almost 17 years) since this chaos entered in my life – I can’t explain how “over it” I am. But what I started noticing… and what has become extremely evident…. is that if you are part of ruining the lives of others and causing havoc… and if you are not eventually arrested, to then stand before a human judge to then receive your punishment… God, Karma, the Universe (and so on), will eventually step in and take over to “hand deliver” you your punishment.

There were three leaders in this whole orchestrated chaos. Only one was sentenced in 2019, while the other two remained free.

One of the leaders was the very definition of untouchable and the deadliest to encounter. She had the right connections, the right people to serve and to protect her at any cost, the perfect job to secure her freedom and to get rid of any evidence of herself and others… the fear she stuck in those who knew her or those who double crossed her… the pure fact that she would carry out the murders there and then, herself, not just “give the orders” like the others did… this was the very woman who taught Cecilia how to kill… she had a reputation for murders happening around her (even in the media)… she was as untouchable as untouchable could get. I honestly had absolutely ZERO hope in her ever being arrested… she was THAT untouchable… yet, justice was still served… and far more horridly than lifetimes in prison would have ever given her. From the autopsy results, she died a very agonizing and excruciatingly painful death with cancer having taken over many critical areas of her body. Honestly, the details I was given made me cringe… and left me speechless. She was evil… and she was met with the evil that she had done to others for decades.

The remaining free leader… ducking and dodging her whereabouts… the usual pattern. She’s an expert at hiding and an expert in playing the “victimized” narcissist with her ever so tiresome manipulation games… this lifestyle has been going on for probably at least 3 decades now. She’s a brilliant actress, hands down – far better than Cecilia Steyn ever was – and also the best “chameleon” I’ve ever seen: she will look the part and act the part, just to match and be like anyone, just to reel them in and to use them however she wants… The havoc she’s caused makes Cecilia’s crimes look like a drop in the ocean. But, justice is busy at work… (can’t say much more than that right now).

Then there’s the “attachments”… people who are not necessarily part of the group, but “keep in touch”… they “joined forces” with the agreement of a trade… “I’ll keep your secret, if…” Fame, money, drugs… or whatever the requirement… “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine…” It’s disgusting. Integrity, honesty and the general aim of trying to be a good person have long been thrown far, far out of the window, and backed over a couple hundred times.

But, overall, and after my long-winded talking… and winding back to the point I am trying to make… is that even if some of these people are not ever arrested, to then stand before a human judge and receive their punishment… they will still, ultimately, receive their punishment. I’m already watching it pan out with several people involved. It’s left me speechless… disturbed… and even, somewhat, sympathetic to the agony and suffering it’s causing.

I had been saying for over a year that, “Not only is Karma a bitch, but the longer it takes to come back to you… the more it’s hoarding to hit you with.” Basically, the longer Karma takes, the worse it is when it comes for you. When I said those words, at the time, I honestly did not genuinely fathom just how true this is until recently. Even “what you do to others, is done to you”… every intricate detail, of what you have done, is covered… multiplied… and served back to you on a platter. Your own poison is served back to you as your next meal to survive on. I’ve watched and I’m busy watching too many scenarios, with other people, pan out like this to be able to say otherwise.

Honestly, some days I find myself at a crossroad in my thoughts: not knowing whether to be frustrated with the arrests taking “forever” or starting to genuinely feel compassion toward those who are having their justice served out in other means. Lifetimes in jail… where you have a bed, food and a roof over your head, and even though you are in confinement, it is still luxury in comparison to suffering in agony when the poison you’ve been feeding others, is taking over your body, killing you, and causing havoc in other areas of your life too. Your life is falling apart and you’re trapped, with no where to run and suffering becomes the only thing you know. Honestly, I’d rather stand before a human judge and receive a punishment from them than to receive judgement from God, Karma, the Universe (and so on). But whatever the course of action… judgement will be served either way.