After releasing my first poetry book, and the following few after, I received A LOT of feedback from people locally and across the globe; all thanking me for sharing a piece of my heart and in return, they shared the struggles that they are dealing with too. It was no easy decision to release any of my poetry because it left me feeling vulnerable and exposed. Despite the fact that I had overcome most of those issues I wrote about, and am stronger for it since then, it still made me feel vulnerable. But I do not regret, in any tiny bit, releasing those books because of how sharing my past pain, and life lessons, ended up giving others hope and, at the very least, made them feel not so alone in their pain.

So, began the thoughts in my mind to finally start my blog… I am merely one person, always with one major aim in life… to try save the world. I know I can’t… and believe me, I have tried. But if, in writing, I can reach many across the world to help spark hope, strength and the will to carry on… then that’s the very least of what I will do.

I will open up and share my life, my pain, my trials and error, and my victories and lessons learnt. Yes, this still makes me feel vulnerable but I am doing this for all of you, who visit my website, in search of hope… and perhaps, even in search of a laugh. I am a very deep and intense person – people often say they need water wings around me because my thoughts wonder far and wide on every topic imaginable… and at the same time, I choose to live life with a smile and find the humor in anything because simply, life is serious enough and if I can make someone smile, at least, then I will most definitely do that too.

So, what will my blog be about? Life. Love. Struggles. Pain. My accident prone moments. Endless thoughts about many things…. I suppose to sum it up accurately, it would be life… raw and real, life.