Love is my curse.

It sets me on a high,
makes me feel
like life is worth living,
like I am alive
and happy
… For once,
to be alive.

But love is my curse.

Fear torments me,
ripping me apart,
petrified that I lose
what I love the most.

Love is my curse.

I lose
what I love.
My life
has taught me that.
It’s my fault,
if it dies.
It’s my fault,
if they leave.
It’s my fault
because I loved…
I loved
with all my heart…
And so then
the curse begins,
all over again…

Love is my curse.

Love to lose.
A pattern,
a downward spiral,
a never ending nightmare.

don’t let my fear
push you away?
Please don’t leave?
I know it’s my fault;
My fault
because I loved you
with all my heart;
When I’ve known all along,
I shouldn’t have
loved you,
love is my curse.

I lose what I love.
Please don’t let me
lose you too;
All because
love is my curse.