Cecilia Steyn, As A Mother (Part 1)

Watching Cecilia Steyn, as a “mother”, was both devastating and heartbreaking.

Cecilia Steyn, As A Mother. Her Daughter, The Wolf (Part 2)

From howling and growling… to walking on all fours and eating out of a bowl like an animal, I witnessed Cecilia Steyn train her daughter to be a wolf… after all, being a werewolf was in their bloodline.

Photos Were Forbidden

You won’t find photos of Cecilia Steyn (and those from her group) from before they were arrested. There is only one reason but it is not a reason you could ever imagine… a “spiderweb link” of nonsense.

Marinda Steyn… Changed? Or Character Revealed?

A lingering question by many, “What was Marinda Steyn like? Was she always capable of murder? Or why would she do all this?”

Know Your Enemy. Recruitment & Control (Part 1)

A group formed for the SOLE intention of helping rescue occult victims, ultimately used to brainwash, control and to “do as told without question” … without Cecilia Steyn being able to be directly linked or held responsible IF and WHEN anything ever goes wrong.

Why Ria Grunewald COULD NOT Escape Earlier

The truthful moment, between Ria and myself, about the lies Cecilia Steyn was leading us all to believe… leading to Cecilia becoming incredibly paranoid and violently threatening and, ultimately, escalating her drama and control over Ria… Ria was DESPERATE to break away and flee for her life, but she was trapped, with no means of escape…

Sexuality In The Group. Clearing Up The Facts

The sick and twisted dynamic of the sexuality in Cecilia Steyn’s group, as well as her family. Clearing up the facts, and speaking up on behalf of Ria Grunewald about the so-called “lover’s spat”.

Best Friend NOT Lover. Clearing Up The Facts

Amongst the frenzy of varying information regarding the Krugersdorp Killers, since the case first started, there were many incorrect statements made about numerous things in the media… and there is one question, in particular, that I have been asked a few times, “Was I in a relationship with Cecilia Steyn?”