Star Signs

So Who Am I According To The Stars?

With every Star Sign, I manage to “connect” with some of the positive and negative traits. Honestly, I could fit into several Star Signs. But to sum it up, I am “my own”… I am just a “Lone Star” among all the others. Don’t look up at the stars, instead look at me and get to know me and you’ll see the real me… 

Took the Online Star Sign Tests… just for the Fun of it….

I took a LOT of Online Star Sign tests on a LOT of websites and funny enough I still come out as Pisces EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL!

Everyone who knows me and everyone who has tried to guess my star sign automatically and without fail, says Pisces.


100% my TRUE identity summed up in the Stars

My BIRTH Star Sign

90% INACCURATE to who I am as a person

Why my is my BIRTH Star Sign (Sagittarius) is Inaccurate

According to my birth date, 29 November, I am classified as a Sagittarius… although, to be more accurate, I would be a “rebel” in the Sagittarius group because I only have a few of the qualities of a Sagittarius.

Based on the Ganesha Speaks website…

A Sagittarius’s Positive Traits are:


    • Positive – The Sagittarius-born people are optimistic and always look at the brighter side of things. This helps them to give their best even in difficult situations. For me, my positivity is influenced greatly by my emotional, mental, physical state and circumstances. In general, I think I’m pretty neutral and see both the positive and negative on equal grounds.


    • Straight Forward – The Archers will speak the brutal truth, and they always mean what they say. Their comments can, however, sometimes be too harsh and may hurt other people. This, is somewhat true. With me, what you see is what you get and I never believe in saying anything I don’t mean, or making a promise I’ll never keep. My yes is my yes and my no is my no, and I’ll bend over backwards to keep my word. But I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN NEVER speaking out in a way that would hurt someone. I am also guilty, though, of not saying what I truly think and rather keeping quiet so as not to hurt someone’s feelings even though it is the truth.


    • Intellectual – They are intelligent and enthusiastic people, always interested in different kinds of subjects and can easily impress others with their conversation. I have never thought of myself as even a “clever” person but according to friends and my clients, I am highly skilled. I do not honestly believe it though. This definition in the Sagittarius trait sounds like I should be an outgoing outspoken extrovert – I am the complete opposite. I am interested in what people have to say but I am more of a “wall flower” in a gathering more than anything else. 


    • Philosophical – The Sagittarius-born people are philosophical and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They love to exchange views on spiritual matters. This I would have to say is completely true about me. My morals and foundation of “right and wrong” are what ground me, as well as my spiritual beliefs which guide my life.


    • Large-hearted – These people are very generous. They can go out of their way to help others in achieving their objectives, and lead to a comfortable life. Unfortunately, this is my weakness. My heart is way too big and I care “too much”. This trait is most definitely true.


    • Adventurous – The Sagittarius-born people are adventurous. They will never shy away from taking risks to keep the excitement alive. This one makes me laugh. Yes, I would love to ski down a mountain side or ride a motor cycle at high speed… but I’m too scared. You will NEVER catch me jumping out a plane, bungee jumping, diving with sharks or anything of the sort. I definitely do not see myself as adventurous. If anything, I am very “laid back” and comfortable “in my bubble” lol

A Sagittarius’s Negative Traits are:


    • Careless – They are prone to taking things for granted, and taking unnecessary risks. Their careless approach to life attracts criticism from everyone. This is definitely not me. I am accident prone – yes. I do silly things by accident, yes. But when it comes to risks and receiving or asking anything of anyone, I avoid it as much as possible. I feel guilty for even being fetched a glass of water even if it’s by a friend or my own mother. I feel like I am not deserving of anything so if anything, if anyone does anything for me,  I am overly grateful. And as for the “risk” factor, I am so cautious it’s ridiculous.


    • Tactless – Their honesty can sometimes be too brutal, which hurts others. A lesson on how to speak tactfully can help them a great deal. This is definitely not me. I am guilty of withholding saying things because of the hurt I know it would cause someone. If I am forced to speak the truth, I end up going in circles to finally get to “the point” but I have made every effort possible in trying to speak the truth as carefully and as gently as possible. 


    • Impatient – The people born under this sign are prone to be restless and can push things too far,especially when their energy is not channelised properly. This is trait would be “emotion” and “circumstance” based for me. In general, I am patient. In relationships, however, I am guilty of “running miles ahead” especially in the early stages of a relationship because of the “cloud 9 emotional factor”. My actions are first defined greatly by my emotions and then are sifted through a “moral factor” and “spiritual beliefs”.


    • Superficial – Out looks mean a lot to them. They don’t have enough patience or inclination to look below the surface to see the actual substance. This couldn’t be further from the truth about me. Looks can be “nice” but they do not impress me. Make me laugh, show me your heart and what you believe… and then that will define what I think about you. 


    • Inconsistent – Their interest in things can be short-lived, and keeps fluctuating. Thus they end up being less efficient than they can be. They find it extremely difficult to deliver consistent performance. This definitely is not me. For one, I am OCD so I do have a strong obsessive trait… So when it comes to work, I will “over deliver” for the client; in relationships, once you’ve got me hooked, I’m hopelessly and endlessly hooked. Overall, once I’m set on a path, it’s actually hard to move me from it. 


    • Over Confident – The Sagittarius natives can be over-confident. They tend to believe that they can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes. Wow, so far from me. I had to literally force myself to “try” stop worry about what people think of me… but yet that “worry” still lingers to a degree. I am constantly over-checking myself to see if I have done wrong and am exceptionally open to being corrected or “talking issues out”. If anything, I will blame myself even when there is nothing to be blamed for. Growing up with a Narcissist father and numerous Narcissist figures in my life, where “they can do no wrong”, grew me into taking the complete opposite approach to literally every area of my life.


I wouldn’t say star signs are COMPLETELY inaccurate for everyone on the planet. To a degree, I do believe they can have some truth behind them. My star sign, however, doesn’t define “who I am”… so much to the extent that it makes me laugh because “it is so not me”.

To think about Star Signs… from a different angle:  If they were 100% true about our personality traits and our destinies, then we could basically “custom make” children by determining when we want them to be born… under which Star Sign. We “custom make” our children’s personalities and their destinies at the end of the day.

What I honestly believe is that “who we are” and “our destinies” is defined by the families we are born into, the way we are raised, the people who come into our lives, the situations and circumstances we go through and the decisions we make in them. Along with this, I also believe that we inherit personality traits and genes from our family / family-line. Our beliefs (including spiritual beliefs) also determine “who we are” and “where we end up”. I believe the strongest factor behind “who we are” and “where we end up” is strongly based on the choices we make every second of every day in every situation and circumstance that comes along the way… I just rhymed that, in case you didn’t notice lol (and not on purpose). 

If you are adamant to stick to labels, that’s your choice. For me, “I am just me”… For me, I am “my own class of weirdo”… and I pretty much think I’m alone in this “class” – perhaps the world just can’t handle more than one of me lol.

But again, if you’re adamant to stick with labels and especially referring to Star Signs… If I had to assign myself to a star sign that most accurately would describe me, it would be Pisces… Oddly enough the Pisces Star Sign is actually my “Conception” Star Sign (when I was conceived). This Star Sign definitely describes me far more accurately than Sagittarius does. So perhaps I’m just still true to the way I was originally created from the first second I was on this planet… either that or perhaps my parents told me my wrong birth date all my life? You never know lol.

I am “Just Me”…
I am “My Own Class of Weirdo”…
I am a “Lone Star”…