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The Little Ones Start Misbehaving

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In the first few months, whenever I had been at home and someone, from my family was with me, there would be nothing astral related happening. The astrals would behave, so that no one else would know that they were there. The explanation was simple: if outsiders knew that Cecilia and her DID parts astralled to certain places, or with certain people, then Mr Brand and the occult would be able to find them and hurt them. To behave in front of outsiders, meant that they would remain safe from harm. However, astrals started misbehaving when I was at home.

Cecilia had constantly told me, when I had visited her, that the little ones loved being at home with me. It was fascinating to them. They could watch my brothers play computer games and spy on my sister to see what nonsense she got up to. As for me, I was boring. All I did was work. So, home became a playground of fascination for the little ones… My brothers were the highlight, apparently, for the little ones because they were funny… they kept the little ones amused with the things they did. They wanted to interact with them. They wanted to play computer games too.

In the corner of the room was a big cardboard box. A moving box. It was merely standing there with a variety of teddy bears on top of it. They were teddy bears from my childhood. I had not gone out of my way to buy teddy bears for Cecilia’s little ones like the others in her group did. I had enough of my own… and apparently, that was fine.

One day, I was sitting at my desk, working as usual. My door had been closed and I was alone. My brother knocked on the door. He wanted to talk to me about something funny. Both of us stood talking for quite a while… from topic to topic… the conversation got diverted and funny. The next moment, one of the big teddy bears shoots up into the air… flies across the room… landing on the floor, where my brother and I were standing. My brother’s eyes got big. His jaw dropped. His face went pale. He was stunned to silence. I got awkward. He did not know anything, whatsoever, about Cecilia. How could I possibly try start explaining things now? How could I try explaining how a teddy bear just flew across the room? I remained silent. Awkward. My nerves were edgy… bracing myself for my brother to say something. He said nothing. We both stood there in silence just looking at each other, until he eventually walked out of the room.