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The Unexplained Holiday Trip

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Not long after having met Cecilia, I had decided to go on holiday with one of my friends. We had gone to a very remote destination. We were in the middle of nowhere. Long winding roads… mountains, trees, and bushes… hardly any people to be seen at all. It was possibly the most remote place you could find in South Africa.

My friend had barely any knowledge of who Cecilia was. I was still trying to make sense of many things because everything Cecilia-related was still very new to me. So, I was reluctant to share anything with anyone.

The very first morning, after waking up at the holiday destination, my friend had gone out to do something, while I stayed behind. Cecilia sent me a text message, “I’m coming to you now.”

Cecilia had no idea of where we were physically. I had never mentioned the name of the place, nor even the area to her. Yet, despite that fact, I knew that Cecilia was coming to visit me as an astral and I did not even pose the thought as to how she would have managed to find me as well.

After reading the text message, I just lay on my bed. There were two beds: one for me and one for my friend. By this point, I had already felt the tangible presence of Cecilia astralling, so I knew the bare minimum for what to look out for to know when she arrived. A few minutes later, I felt someone grab my hand and I heard a voice, “I’m here.”

Cecilia was lying next to me on the bed. After a couple of minutes, my friend walks back into the room. For some random reason, my friend then decides to jump onto my bed. She literally jumped… and technically landed on top of where Cecilia had been lying. In that moment I did not react immediately. My friend looked somewhat confused at my silent response. So, I laughed… like a person usually would if someone had jumped onto their bed. But I did not say anything. How could I possibly tell her that she had just jumped on top of an astral?

The day panned out. My friend and I were preoccupied with things, so I had not spoken to Cecilia at all. I had still been questioning if Cecilia had really been lying next to me on the bed that morning, and if my friend had actually jumped on top of an astral. The thought was both funny… and confusing. But I still never said a word. I chose to rather preoccupy myself with other things because all of this, was just too much for my mind.

Towards the evening, Cecilia phoned me. She rambled off about a lot of things that had been going on, while I silently listened… then she suddenly added, “You know it was rude for your friend to jump on top of me this morning!” And then she began to talk about the clothing my friend had worn and what we had done during the day.

My jaw dropped. I almost dropped my phone. I was in disbelief. Cecilia had been with me that morning. My friend had jumped on top of her. My friend was wearing the clothes Cecilia had described… we had done the exact same things earlier that day that Cecilia related to me on the phone. How else could Cecilia have known about this? I had not said a word to her. She must have been with me as an astral…