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Personality Profiles

Ria Grunewald

Ria Grunewald is one of the exceptionally few people that I have ever known who is wholeheartedly genuine, sincere, compassionate, and completely selfless. Ria vibrates love to all those she meets, simply, because her heart is for people. She always…

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Candice Rijavec

Since the early years of my life, I had been repeatedly abused… in every way… in numerous ways… and in ways unimaginable. I had a brother who was about a year younger than me. We were inseparable… we were the…

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Marinda Steyn

In 2007, Ria held an Enrichment Week, with Overcomers Through Christ, at Die Adelaar School in Krugersdorp. This is where Ria first met Marinda Hugo (Steyn) because she was one of the teachers there. Since the Enrichment Week, Ria and…

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Le Roux And Marcel Steyn

Le Roux and Marcel Steyn were first introduced to Cecilia when they were only around 10 and 8 years old. Both Le Roux and Marcel were always exceptionally polite but also very quiet and reserved. They seemed very withdrawn, even…

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The Unmentioned Others

Since the very beginning of knowing Cecilia, I had seen many people come and go. Initially, they were members of Ria’s ministry team, Overcomers Through Christ. For a long time, I did not think much about the people who disappeared…

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Divisions Within The Friendship Group

Towards the third year of knowing Cecilia, newer… different… members were being added to Cecilia’s friendship group. The difference between these people was exceptionally clear. The type of people they were, based on their personalities and background… and especially the…

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