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The Daily Routine

The Movie Obsession

Cecilia had an unnatural and extreme obsession with sadistic movies and with those who had orchestrated and carried out the worst of murders throughout history. She knew every famous serial killer’s background and methods, detail for detail. She found joy…

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Training “Little” Andries

There was a stage where Cecilia had gotten little Andries a kitten. He adored this little kitten. It was his world. It was the only love he received. But, about two weeks after having been given the kitten, and Cecilia…

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Ria, Drugged

One morning, Ria was running late to get to Cecilia’s flat. She had to be there at 5am because Dries had to leave for work at that time. Ria arrived at Cecilia’s flat with her towel and clean clothes, and…

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The Freemason Temple

It was an ordinary and usual day with Cecilia, driving up and down the regular streets in Krugersdorp. The same roads, the same sights… it was honestly becoming rather mundane, but there was nothing else to do… that is, if…

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The Cemetery And The Prison

By the second year of my friendship with Cecilia, I already knew the predictable routes we would use, when driving through Krugersdorp. However, Cecilia seemed to want to extend the routes to more interesting destinations. The one day, while driving,…

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Louisa, The Wolf

As soon as Louisa had started to learn how to crawl, Cecilia had begun teaching her the ways of the wolf. Cecilia’s came from a werewolf/wolf bloodline, so Louisa would automatically inherit these same werewolf/wolf genetics because of their occult…

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