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Overcomers Through Christ (OTC)

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Overcomers Through Christ Logo

The aim is to destroy the works of the enemy that has long enough held God’s people in bondage. We will achieve this by breaking down the hierarchy of the kingdom of darkness within the West Rand.[1]
~ Overcomers Through Christ Mission Statement

Overcomers Through Christ[2] was a non-profit organization/ministry that was started in 2006, with the main aim of helping people. Overcomers planned to:

  • Bring hope to the youth, especially those who were caught up in addictions and sinister involvements, as well as those suffering from trauma.
  • Mentor the youth into purpose, love, service, leadership, and prosperity.
  • Empower the youth through skills and healthy activities in safe environments.

Overcomers Through Christ tried to create an awareness, within the West Rand, to every Christian, every school, every business, the community, and every governmental department. They received involvement from the local churches and ministries, as well as support from the local police, child protection, counselors, trainers, marketers, media, and volunteers.

Overcomers Through Christ Enrichment Week Process[3]

Numerous testimonies were received, of lives being changed, because of the work done by Overcomers Through Christ, including testimonies from schools such as Princess High School, Elsburg High School, Die Adelaar High School, Hoërskool Bastion, Hoërskool Die Adelaar, and including the newspaper:

… The lives of so many more children have changed. Also, the lives of some of my personal friends have been changed. Even just through prayer a broken family of one of my closest friends have been made whole. The testimonies that you bring and the Word and Works of the Lord that you proclaim are so great and true that no one can deny the truth of the Good News of Jesus. I have committed my life to the Lord two years ago, but I have never before been so thrilled to serve the Lord with all my heart…
~ Elsburg High School[4]

… The eternal value of the input by your team and yourself is incalculable. We can only thank you for the complete dedication and precision with which everything was organized. You have executed the commission to sow, and we know that Jesus will bring growth…
~ Bastion High School[5]

… have benefited by the program. We always welcome and appreciate Christian support from the community in order to build up our school. We also highly prize your sustained support to the school. We will definitely make use of services in the future again and also highly recommend you to anyone interested.
~ Die Adelaar High School[6]


Cecilia hated Overcomers Through Christ for two reasons:

  1. The ministry took up too much of Ria’s time, where Ria should have been preoccupying herself with looking after Cecilia; and
  2. With Ria meeting more and more people, including bringing more members into the ministry team, it posed as a constant threat to Cecilia.

Both reasons were constant, and both reasons where of equal importance to Cecilia.

Ria needed to be under Cecilia’s watchful eye, at all times, and under her full control. She needed Ria’s full attention. By fabricating more and more occult attacks, Ria was required to remain with Cecilia on more occasions, which then resulted in her not being able to extend the ministry and carry on achieving the purpose that it was set out for.

Cecilia aimed to either completely fool or completely eradicate those in Ria’s ministry team. If she could fool them, then she could use them for whatever purpose she deemed useful. If she could not fool them, then those people needed to be removed. Numerous members of Ria’s team left the ministry since I had known Cecilia. Person after person had left, all because of disputes regarding Cecilia. But with Cecilia needing Ria’s constant attention, because of numerous more fabricated occult attacks, Ria needed to keep extending her ministry team so that Overcomers Through Christ could still progress forward. Each new member posed as a threat to Cecilia. If someone saw through her lies, they could expose her. Cecilia’s initial attempts were to orchestrate numerous and catastrophic threats to scare the ministry members so that they would leave the ministry altogether. She claimed that these threats were all from the occult and because they were associated with Ria. These methods involved sending threatening text messages,[7] fires being started with petrol bombs,[8] or an array of animal skulls and other relevant items being displayed in a satanic symbol formation on properties. If these scare tactics did not work, then Cecilia resulted to orchestrating the murders of the members in the Overcomers Through Christ ministry team.[9]


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