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Catching Cecilia Out

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Cecilia Steyn fooled people about her health and life being at risk, for just over a decade. This was lie was acted out so brilliantly that Cecilia had to constantly have an oxygen tank nearby, otherwise she might die at any given moment. After Cecilia had been arrested and the investigators had been informed about the fake health claims, they paid no attention whenever Cecilia pretended to have a breathing problem. However, Cecilia was completely unaware that the investigators and those who were monitoring her in prison were not obvious to her lies.

There was a hilarious scenario that posed itself, during one of Cecilia’s countless attempts at faking a health scare while in the holding prison. Cecilia began the usual act of suffocating for air, gasping, motioning that she is going to pass out and die, and that she needs to be rushed to hospital urgently. However, the person who was attending to her merely suggested that she put the oxygen mask on to then see if it will improve her breathing. Cecilia put on the oxygen mask and took a couple of deep breaths. The person then asked Cecilia if she was feeling better. Cecilia responds by saying that she is feeling a lot better; she can breathe perfectly fine. However, the pipe that leads to the oxygen tank was disconnected, and Cecilia was completely unaware of it. There was no oxygen flowing through the oxygen mask to at all.

From a perfectly performed dying act, to perfectly fine and health… with no extra oxygen needed.

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