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Soft Kill Murders & The Victim Selection

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The soft kill murders were purely for greed. Cecilia Steyn had her group kill victims, in order to steal money. Money was the main motive or achievement behind these murders. There was nothing more to it.


The victims selected for the soft kill murders were fairly random. These were the people who appeared to have money, no matter whether these victims were in the minority working class or were seen as the excessively wealthy. Cecilia would always look for any type of financial gain from anyone, so if there was even just a hint of you having money, you became a target. These victims were met by simple encounters, such as arrangements with meeting a broker, or having been at someone’s home. The victims here were more selected because their status, career, or just simply because they were seen as wealthy, or wealthy enough, because of the materialism that they had. Additionally, if the victim appeared as an easy target, or an easy arrangement for the murder to be carried out, then they were a target. Cecilia and her group would focus only on the money, or potential money, that the person had, in order to deem them as a victim. There was nothing personal behind these murders, just a means to a gain.

John Barnard had claimed that Peter Meyer[1] and Joan Meyer[2] were excessively wealthy, so they were then deemed as a vital target for Cecilia instantly gaining “millions of Rands.”

Jarod Jackson[3] was murdered all because of Zak Valentine’s attempted life insurance fraud with Discovery Life. His life was taken for potential life insurance.

Glen McGregor[4] (tax consultant), Anthony Schofield[5] (broker) and Kevin McAlphine[6] (insurance broker) all had in careers that revolved around money. Within Cecilia’s warped mindset, she would have seen money-related career people as wealthy people. Similarly, Hanle Lategan[7] worked in real estate, which is a career line that is generally associated with people having at least a fair bit of money.

Peter & Joan Meyer
Murdered 27 November 2015

Jarod Jackson
Murdered 16 December 2015

Glen McGregor
Murdered 27 Jan 2016

Anthony Scholfield
Murdered 10 May 2016

Kevin McAlphine
Murdered 26 May 2016

Hanle Lategan
Murdered 30 May 2016


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