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When I Found Out About The Murders

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During the course of my friendship with Cecilia, everything that I had known, that was murder related, were from the claims that Cecilia had for when she had committed murders because it was part of occult practice and for occult rituals. Cecilia claimed that she was forced to commit these murders. I had only known about the occult murders that Cecilia repeatedly talked about, which were murders that had happened before she had left the occult. There was no evidence for these murders. It was word of mouth, from Cecilia. However, looking back to the years when we were friends, there were questionable incidences that were popping up left, right and center; all within the vicinity of where Cecilia lived and the people she knew. Even during that time point, I did find it questionable because I had never seen so many murders appear in such a short period of time, especially since they seemed to have a center focal point.

I honestly did not even consider the fact that Cecilia was the one who was committing the murders or, at the very least, orchestrating them. I could not comprehend the fact that she was capable of murder because Cecilia had always portrayed herself as a meek and mild person, who could barely walk properly, was continuously suffering and fighting for her life to a dramatic extreme, and continuously went out of her way to help other people. The image that she portrayed did not match the image of a murderer at all.

The first time that I found out that Cecilia was legitimately involved with murders was when the Huisgenoot[1] magazine publicized that Le Roux Steyn and Marcel Steyn had been arrested. As soon as I had read the article, it was a light bulb moment. I immediately knew, without a doubt, that Cecilia was the one who was orchestrating everything, simply, because I knew how she did things. Cecilia was the one who controlled everyone in the group, and everyone had to just do as told, without hesitation or question. Le Roux and Marcel would not have committed these crimes, without Cecilia’s instruction. I was honestly dumbfounded. The two children, who I had once known, were murdering people for money. Additionally, in finding out that Marinda Steyn was also part of the murders was a shock to me as well[2] because she always seemed highly fascinated at everything but also terrified of everything at the same time. After seeing the article, I then got in contact with the investigators, working alongside them for the duration of the investigation, wherever they needed me.

With having known Cecilia Steyn for almost four years, I still was not even able to fathom or imagine that she was committing murders or, at the very least, orchestrating them, as well as other crimes too. However, those four years helped me store up a vast amount of information, which I had continuously been trying to figure out but never could. I had the puzzle pieces, but I had no idea what the actual picture was, until Le Roux and Marcel’s arrest.

There were numerous things that Cecilia had told me repeatedly and numerous things that I had witnessed, which helped contribute towards tying up the case. The more the investigation went on, the more the picture started to form. With the information that I had and the evidence that the investigators had, the dots were starting to connect. The supposed facts that Cecilia had repeatedly told me, over almost four years, were now actual truths with information, all these years later.