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Babysitting A Werewolf Baby

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Since little Louisa was born, Amelia[1] had often looked after her. She was like a loving grandmother to Louisa, who, every now and then, would pick Louisa up to spend the weekend.

The first time I had met Amelia, was shortly after the feud for getting Louisa back from the couple who tried to adopt her. Amelia was friendly, yet she seemed somewhat awkward and unsure around Cecilia.

Louisa’s things had been packed into a bag, and Louisa put into the baby seat in Amelia’s car. I stood with Cecilia, as she was saying her goodbyes to Louisa… but the conversation between Amelia and Cecilia became extensive and I zoned out, disinterested in the talk because I had no idea about who or what they were talking about. Eventually, Cecilia elbow-bumps me and excitedly says, “You know that Amelia has seen Louisa change into a werewolf already!”

I look at Amelia stunned. Amelia looked back at me… somewhat, seemingly also stunned. She did not say a word.

“Yea… it happened when Louisa wouldn’t stop crying and then she started changing. Amelia didn’t know what to do… she was so scared and worried,” laughed Cecilia.

Again, I look at Amelia and Amelia remained in silence. She seemed somewhat nervous, but I reasoned at off as being embarrassed that she had been scared about Louisa changing into a baby werewolf. Amelia then left… to yet again, look after a werewolf baby.


[1] Alias. Name reserved for investigation purposes.