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The Lie With The Most Extreme Evidence

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A few days after I had met Cecilia, Ria phoned me in sheer panic. She was distraught… paranoid… horrified… terrified…

The night before, Dries had to go to his night shift at the police station and Ria was not able to be with Cecilia. So, Cecilia was left home alone with her son, little Andries. Ria had been panic stricken about leaving Cecilia vulnerable and alone, but had Cecilia reassured her that she would be fine for at least one night.

That same night, Mr Brand sent twenty-seven men into Cecilia’s flat after she had fallen asleep. These men then, one by one, raped Cecilia… over and over again. They then began cutting her, stabbing her and marking her skin deeply with bloody satanic symbols. The next morning, the housekeeper, Sindy[1], had found Cecilia, lying on the floor unconscious in a pool of her own blood. The tiled floor was flooded with at least a centimeter thick of blood, all the way from the kitchen… to the study area… to the living room. Sindy then managed to revive Cecilia, so that her wounds could be taken care of… and so that the blood on the tiled floors could be cleaned. Buckets and buckets… full of blood…

Before Sindy had moped the blood off the tiles, Cecilia had taken photographs and sent them to Ria, telling Ria about what had happened. Cecilia then took photographs of the stab wounds and bloody satanic symbols that were carved into her skin on both her arms.

Blood on tiled floors
Image recreated for demonstration purposes for the photos Cecilia had sent to Ria[2].

The floor was full of blood… Cecilia was full of bloody scars. Ria was guilt-stricken once she had heard about what had happened and more so, once she received the photographs from Cecilia. Ria blamed herself because she had left Cecilia alone and vulnerable that night when it was her responsibility to protect Cecilia… and she had not.

Not long after Ria’s phone call, I left immediately to go to Cecilia. I was not sure what to brace myself for. This was horrendous. This was heart-breaking. I had no idea what to do. I had no idea what to expect. What do you say to someone who has just been raped repeatedly? What do you say when someone had been left to die in a pool of their own blood?

Once I got to Cecilia’s flat, I saw that Ria was already there. That, in itself, was a bit of relief. I saw the markings on Cecilia’s skin myself. Bloody scar… after bloody scar… all satanic symbols… none of which I recognized, except for the pentagram. Sindy was awkward. She looked worried but never said a word. She had already confirmed the blood on the tiled floors to Ria. I never even thought to ask her anything. What more could I possibly say?

Cecilia was in agony. Anya was crying hysterically. Ria was crying but trying desperately to comfort both Cecilia and Anya, repeatedly promising to never leave them alone ever again, and that she would do whatever it took to protect them.

Numerous years after this scenario, the truth came out. There was no doubt that the blood in these photographs was legitimately blood. There was no doubt about the carvings on Cecilia’s skin because I had seen them myself, and they had remained as scars for a long time after. But the scenario, around this event, was a complete lie.

The blood was not Cecilia’s blood. Cecilia had been to a butchery in Krugersdorp, where she had purchased several bags of animal blood. There was no obvious reason that was given to the butcher as to why Cecilia needed the blood. But the animal blood was the blood that drenched the tiled floors… once centimeter thick… from the kitchen… to the study area… to the living room.

The numerous bloody satanic symbol carvings on both of Cecilia’s arms were legitimate but they were self-inflicted. She had carved these symbols on her arms herself, along with the stab wounds… She had pierced deep into her skin… repeatedly, all for a lie.

Sindy had no knowledge of the story that was told around this event. She was given other meaningless excuses… other seemingly justified reasons as to why there was blood everywhere and cuts all over Cecilia’s body.

This event set the tone of what happened to Cecilia if she was left alone… if she was left vulnerable. This lie set the paranoia at an all-time high. This extreme type of self-inflicted abuse demonstrated just how far Cecilia was willing to go, to fool those around her.


[1] Alias. Name reserved for privacy purposes
[2] Superimposed blood image on another photograph of tiled floors.