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The Night Of The Werewolf Transformation

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The second night, sleeping over at Cecilia’s flat, Ria and I slept in the living room again. Ria was on a mattress on the floor, and I was lying on the couch. Cecilia and Dries had gone to sleep in their bedroom.

I could not fall asleep… but I did not want to fall asleep. I was too paranoid. Every time that I almost dozed off, I woke myself up again. Eventually, after numerous more hours had passed… I finally passed out.

Early the next morning, Cecilia happily came strolling into the living room with a big grin on her face.

“And now?” Asked Ria, confused at the grin on Cecilia’s face.

Cecilia bursts out laughing.

“What? What is it?” Asks Ria confused but intrigued.

“Last night, Candice saw me as a werewolf!” Exclaims Cecilia.

Ria looks at me stunned. I look back at Ria, feeling rather confused. Without being able to say anything, Cecilia carries on, “Yea… last night I changed while I was sleeping. When I came walking down the passageway, I saw you and Candice. I thought you were both asleep. I even sniffed your forehead, and you didn’t wake up. But when I turned, I saw Candice was still awake and she was just staring at me. She wasn’t even scared!”

Ria looks at me again, completely baffled. Thoughts were rushing through my mind. I did not recall seeing anything… but did I? Cecilia carried on talking about the scenario… getting further and further into detail about what had happened. I kept searching through my thoughts… through my memories of the night before. I was utterly exhausted. I had been in and out of sleep, after I had finally dozed off. Had I actually seen Cecilia, but I am just too tired to remember it? I was already beginning to feel delusional about many things because of Cecilia. This was a strange life. My mind was battling to grasp the reality of this life as it is… and that was while I was awake. Had my mind completely erased the memory of Cecilia as a werewolf because it was all just too much for my mind to handle?