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The Tangible Astral

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I’ll never forget this night that I had slept over at Cecilia’s flat. This had merely been a few days into knowing Cecilia altogether. Things were still very new… and very weird.

It was the usual occult high day and Dries was at the police station. Mattresses were put on Cecilia’s bedroom the floor for Ria and me to sleep on that night. Ria and Cecilia were busy in a deep discussion, while I had gone to lie down on the mattress that was closest to the bedroom door. I curled up into a ball and lay facing the wall. My head was buzzing with the things that I had been told and the things that I had already witnessed just within these first two days that I had been at her flat. My thoughts were so loud that I barely heard anything Ria and Cecilia were discussing. My mind was overwhelmed. Eventually, my thoughts were broken with hearing Ria say, “Good night, Candice…”

Ria had gone to lie down. Cecilia was in her bed… and I was still lying on the mattress. My head began to fill with thoughts yet again… overwhelmed, confused… I pulled the blanket over my head. It was too much to try and understand. Then… suddenly something grabbed my hand… hard. I got a fright. I pulled the blanket down, expecting to see someone next to me. There was no one there. Ria was still on her mattress… Cecilia still in her bed… and someone was STILL holding my hand… tight! Shivers went down my spine. There was enough light coming into Cecilia’s room to be able to still see everything clearly. There was no one next to me… but something was holding my hand. Then, my hand was squeezed tighter. It hurt. I got freaked out… but I did not say a word.


My eyes got bigger. There was no one there, but I heard a voice… but the voice was not audible… it was inside my head?! It was similar to a thought, but different… very, very different. I could still hear it… outside of my head.

“Why do you look confused?”

I stayed silent… and now questioning every ounce of my sanity. Have I completely lost my mind now after seeing so many weird things after knowing Cecilia? I sat up. I looked at Ria… she was fast asleep, already snoring. I looked at Cecilia… she was motionless, lying in her bed. I lay down again and pulled the blanket over my head… ever so confused. What is going on?

“You do know it’s me, right?”

My thoughts at this point screamed, “HUH?” I know who is holding my hand? I know who is talking to me? Eventually, I whispered, “Who?”

“Akesiha!” and then I heard a laugh… audible, but still not inside my head. “I got tired of hearing Cecilia and Ria ramble on about things, so came to lie by you but you were ignoring me! So, I grabbed your hand.” … and then I heard another laugh.

I was stunned speechless. Someone is holding my hand… I am hearing a voice… yet, there is no one next to me… that I could visibly see. My hand was grabbed even tighter.

“Owww…” I whispered, as I took my hand and shook it.

“You know I astral, so why do you look so confused?”

I had no answer. I was still questioning my sanity.

“Hurry up and go sleep. I want you to astral as well…”

“But I don’t know how to astral,” I whispered back, still questioning my sanity.

“You know I pull you out of your body. Just go sleep now.”

I lay there quietly… confused and questioning does not even come close to what I was feeling at that point. Eventually, I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to hearing Cecilia and Ria talking in the bedroom. It was a casual discussion, with a few laughs now and then. I sat up, half asleep and still feeling disturbed about what had happened the night before. Cecilia gleamed at me with a huge smile. Ria was confused at Cecilia’s response. Cecilia then looked at Ria and said, “Akesiha went to lie next to Candice last night on the mattress and then they both astralled after she fell asleep.”

Ria, looking confused, said, “What did they do?”

Cecilia, suddenly disinterested in the topic, casually responds, “Ughh, probably nonsense stuff. You know Akesiha is always up to shit!”

Ria just looked back at me stunned. She did not say a word. I stared back blankly at Ria. I had not said a word since I had woken up to either of them… but now my mind was buzzing even more than before. Was Akesiha really next to me the night before? Did she really grab my hand? Did I really hear her voice? Did I astral with her? … the questions looming over my mind were endless. I could not make heads or tails of what was going on. I obviously was not losing my mind… Cecilia knew what had happened…