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Marinda Steyn

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Marinda Steyn

Marinda Steyn
Formerly Marinda Hugo


In 2007, Ria held an Enrichment Week, with Overcomers Through Christ, at Die Adelaar School in Krugersdorp. This is where Ria first met Marinda Hugo (Steyn) because she was one of the teachers there. Since the Enrichment Week, Ria and Marinda had kept in touch now and then.

With the occult attacks intensifying on Cecilia, and Ria needing to still run the Overcomers Through Christ ministry, she eventually told Marinda about Cecilia and asked if she would be keen to help.


In the beginning stages of knowing Marinda, she seemed like a very friendly, polite, and caring person, and someone who genuinely wanted to help Cecilia. Marinda was extremely intrigued with everything occult based, regarding Cecilia, but she was also petrified of absolutely everything at the same time too.

As the months progressed, I started to see a different side to Marinda. She was an extremely proud woman who was very domineering and controlling. Marinda craved attention, and she constantly dominated every conversation. Whenever someone would be speaking, Marinda would abruptly interrupt them so that she could speak. It felt like only Marinda was allowed to talk, and person after person would leave as soon as Marinda was around because it became frustrating for everyone in the group.

Marinda loved to backstab people. Whenever people would gather in Cecilia’s bedroom, if one person left, Marinda then would not hesitate, even for a split second, to start saying nasty things about that person. She would do this for every member of the group. Marinda’s nasty statements did not even stop at those who were in the group, it extended even to the students who she taught at school as well. She would continuously ridicule and degrade her students, talking about how stupid and pathetic they were. As a teacher, she should have had the motivation to build her students up, but she seemed to thrive on tearing them down with regards to their education and to who they were as individuals as well. On numerous occasions, Marinda even admitted that she had absolutely no interest in trying to help her students. Marinda deemed being a schoolteacher, merely, as a job… a means to collect a paycheck at the end of the day and go home. The mask that she wore in the classroom came off as soon as she arrived at Cecilia’s flat.

Ria and I could not stand Marinda for these exact same reasons as well. We felt very uncomfortable with her domineering personality and constantly backstabbing other people. However, when Marinda had been introduced to Cecilia, there were very few people available to help look after Cecilia, if Ria ever needed to attend a meeting or do other things. So, despite Marinda’s difficult personality, Ria continued to tolerate it because she needed help.


Marinda was exceptionally gullible. With everyone else, who Cecilia had managed to fool, they needed foolproof evidence in order to believe something. However, Marinda believed absolutely everything Cecilia said straight away, no matter how ridiculous it was. There was never a question or hesitation on Marinda’s part. Whenever I was alone with Cecilia, Cecilia would openly mock Marinda about how gullible she was, and even stating that Marinda was the most gullible person she had ever met in her entire life too.

During one of the mock Marinda scenarios from Cecilia, I eventually stated that I do not honestly believe that Marinda could be that gullible… not to the extent that Cecilia claimed, at least. So, Cecilia then told me she would demonstrate it the next time I see Marinda. On this same specific day, I had purchased a CD from a band that was not well known. Cecilia asked if she could borrow the CD. There was no reason she had given as to why she wanted to borrow it, nor did I think to ask.

Several days later, when I went to visit Cecilia again, she told me that she had convinced Marinda that she and I had recorded that specific CD and that we were the ones singing on it… and that Marinda wholeheartedly believed it. I responded with an instant confused look because the voices, from the songs, could in no way sound like Cecilia or me. However, later that day, Marinda arrived at Cecilia’s house. Without hesitating, Cecilia immediately started talking about the CD to Marinda and started playing the songs. Marinda raved with such high praise about how well both Cecilia and I can sing, and that recording the CD was such a great achievement for both of us. I was honestly dumbstruck.

Numerous occasions after this one, Cecilia again and again, demonstrated simple scenarios where Marinda would just believe whatever Cecilia said. Eventually, I honestly could believe that Marinda was just as gullible as Cecilia said she was.


Another extreme personality trait that stood out very significantly… and exceptionally dominantly… with Marinda, was how she became very quickly, and very disturbingly, obsessed with Cecilia. Marinda lived and breathed Cecilia. Marinda’s life revolved around Cecilia. If Cecilia had ever died, it would have been the end for Marinda. For the others in Cecilia’s group, we were all there to support and help Cecilia with her health and to keep her alive. There was no obsession from anyone else towards Cecilia. There was a very clear difference… like night and day… between how the others, in the group, and how Marinda were towards Cecilia. Marinda’s obsession was extremely disturbing. You could clearly see it in the way Marinda would look at Cecilia and the way she would talk to her. Through the course of the entire day, every day, Marinda would constantly send Cecilia text messages… even while she was supposed to be teaching students at school. At any given opportunity, she would be at Cecilia’s flat. Even if Marinda was told not to go to Cecilia’s flat, she would still go. It seemed like it was impossible for Marinda to stay away. She needed to be around Cecilia. Marinda would even go to the extent of forcing her children, Le Roux and Marcel, to be at Cecilia’s flat, so that she had added reason to be there as well.

Additionally, very early into Marinda being in Cecilia’s group, it became very clear that she did not like me, simply for the fact that I was Cecilia’s best friend. Marinda was envious. She was jealous. The more Marinda encountered me, the more her dislike to me became obvious. The tension between Marinda and I became quite intense. It was bad… to the point where Marinda and I would rarely ever be allowed near each other because of Marinda’s response as soon as she saw me. You could not cut the tension in the atmosphere with a chainsaw! It was thick. It was tense. For me… I was confused. I did not understand why Marinda hated me, when I had always been polite and friendly towards her. When I began questioning Marinda’s responses, Cecilia told me that Marinda hated me… all because I was the best friend. Being the best friend meant that I was closer to Cecilia than she was. Marinda wanted the status of being the best friend. She wanted to be closer to Cecilia. She wanted to be the main person in Cecilia’s life. Her obsession was indescribable. It was unnatural. It was exceptionally disturbing… almost like one of those obsessed fans that you need to have a restraining order against.

Marinda’s hatred towards Ria was also very apparent because Ria was the mother. Ria would take on the role and responsibility of the mother looking after a child. Ria was someone else who was closer to Cecilia, than what Marinda was. However, Marinda had to hide her hatred towards Ria because Ria was seemingly in charge of who would look after Cecilia. So, if Marinda wanted to say within Cecilia’s circle, she had to play nice whenever Ria was around.


Around a year or so of Marinda having been part of Cecilia’s group, Cecilia started making habits of stopping at the sex shop in Krugersdorp… even when it was my day to look after Cecilia.

Cecilia knew that going into sex shops made me feel extremely uncomfortable because of my childhood, so she would ridicule me and mock me, telling me that I needed to get over it and that I had to go into the shop with her.

While I would stand there feeling very out of place and maintaining a constant fixed gaze at the floor, Cecilia would be looking at absolutely everything in the shop and trying to forcefully get me to look at things… which only added to making me feel even more uncomfortable, and Cecilia laughing and ridiculing me further. These trips to the sex shop happened every few weeks and only once was a silly keychain ever bought by Cecilia, while I was with her.

Eventually, as Cecilia kept persisting to keep on going to the sex shop, I outright refused altogether. All it was doing was making me feel extremely uncomfortable. Cecilia had pushed me beyond my limits. I just could not do it anymore. The triggers from childhood abuse memories were hitting me too hard. Anything sex related was just ripping at old wounds. Sex, itself, was just a no-go topic altogether… never mind having it turn into a fun trip to look at sex toys in a shop. Cecilia just mocked me further… adding to the pain, making me feel that I had no right to feel what I was feeling because she had been through worse. So, who was I to feel justified in saying, “No,” when it came to an abuse trigger? However, I had been pushed beyond my limits… to the point that my feet felt frozen. I could not even force myself to go inside. I was frozen. Fear had gripped me too tightly. This frustrated Cecilia. Her echoes of mock laughter could not even persuade me anymore. Eventually, Cecilia finally stopped insisting on going to the sex shop altogether… finally.

However, a few weeks after I thought this issue had finally subsided, confusing scenarios started presenting themselves.

One day, while I was with Cecilia in her bedroom, she randomly opened her bedside table to get something, and I saw a very clearly distinct sex toy sitting there in her drawer. Seeing the obvious shocked and confused look on my face, Cecilia laughed at me… yet again… and then quickly justified it by saying that she was just keeping it for Marinda, so that Le Roux and Marcel would not see it. Hesitantly, I accepted the excuse… although, it did not make any sense to me. I just, simply, did not want to talk about it. Anything sex related made me far too uncomfortable. So, I was happy to change the topic.

However, scenario after scenario, exactly like this one, kept repeating, where more and more sex toys were found in Cecilia’s bedside table and her bedroom cupboard as well. Each one was very clearly on display. There was no attempt to hide them at all. Each time this happened, Cecilia would look at me laugh because of the obvious horrified response on my face… and again… she would justify it by saying that these are Marinda’s as well.


As soon as I had managed to leave Cecilia’s group, it was no surprise to me that Marinda instantly grabbed hold of the best friend status. She had craved it too desperately, and now, with me out of the way, she took the opportunity to overly prove herself worthy of being the best friend.

Marinda would go out of her way to obey orders, even faster than before. She always did as told, without hesitation or question. She needed to prove her worth in Cecilia’s eyes. She needed to maintain the best friend status. Marinda’s had an undying loyalty to Cecilia. Not once would she question anything… but rather, she would pose added plot twists to make things worse, all in order to make Cecilia’s plans better.

With Marinda trying to continuously attach herself to Cecilia, and overly prove too, she then decided to change her current surname (Hugo) back to her previous surname (Steyn), which was Steyn. Having the same surname would then deem Cecilia and Marinda as one and the same… it would deem them as being united and inseparable. 

Once the investigations began regarding the Krugersdorp Killers, it was no surprise to me that Marinda was second in charge for Electus Per Deus. She had managed to prove her worth for this title. However, in addition to this, the investigators also found out that Marinda and Cecilia were actually lovers… finding out that they had massive amounts of sex toys between them, as well has having threesomes with the other members of Electus Per Deus as well.

Marinda ultimately wanted to be the closest person to Cecilia Steyn. Ultimately, at the end of the day, she had achieved that in every possible way. Marinda was Cecilia’s best friend, the second in charge when it came to the crimes, and her lover as well. Marinda’s world had finally completely wrapped itself around Cecilia Steyn, even to the point where Marinda would repeatedly defend Cecilia in Johannesburg High Court, while on the stand, making Cecilia out to be completely innocent. Added to that, after Marinda’s sentencing, she persisted on coming back to testify on Cecilia’s behalf to then further try ensuring that Cecilia would not be sentenced. Her loyalty was undying. Her loyalty… ultimately, cost her the rest of her life. But then again, Marinda would have gladly given up her life, even in death, all in order to save Cecilia.