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Ria Grunewald

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Ria Grunewald

Ria Grunewald[1]


Ria Grunewald is one of the exceptionally few people that I have ever known who is wholeheartedly genuine, sincere, compassionate, and completely selfless. Ria vibrates love to all those she meets, simply, because her heart is for people. She always wants to help in whatever way that she can.


In the occult, there are parental rights, which the parents will retain over their occult child’s life, for the remainder of their lives, regardless of whether the child ever marries or not. If one of the parents dies, that parental right needs to be passed onto someone else, to maintain control over the occult child. It was an occult law.

When Elise was sacrificed in Cecilia’s place, the parental rights, or maternal rights (from the mother) needed to be passed on to someone else. Ria did not want these maternal rights because she had no clue as to what these rights entailed. However, Cecilia enforced the notion that Ria now held the maternal rights, whether Ria wanted them or not, stating that Elise had entrusted Ria with these maternal rights.

According to Cecilia, with Ria now having these maternal rights, it would have given Ria more authority, in her prayers, over what would happen to Cecilia whenever the occult would attack her. Ria would also have more authority, as the mother figure, over Cecilia’s DID parts because she had now become their mother. Once Ria had received these maternal rights, Cecilia’s young DID parts (the little ones) started calling Ria, “Mommy.”

With all the trauma and abuse that Ria had witnessed, up until meeting Cecilia, she hesitantly but wholeheartedly accepted the fact that she was now the mother. Ria was always an exceptionally compassionate and selfless person, desperately wanting to help others as much as possible and in whatever way she could, so she did not take the mother status lightly.

Ria accepted Cecilia’s little ones completely, giving them love and attention, just as a loving mother would. Additionally, these little ones were abuse victims, constantly being abused by Mr Brand and the occult, so Ria became exceptionally protective over them. She maintained the mother figure constantly, throughout the entire course of knowing Cecilia.

With Cecilia and her older DID parts, it was a mother-friendship type of relationship. Ria spoke with Cecilia as a friend but cared for her and protected her like a mother would; and she did it selflessly, always putting the needs of her child first.

Cecilia Steyn & Ria Grunewald[2]
Coronation Dam

Ria Grunewald[3] & Anya (Cecilia Steyn)
Coronation Dam


Ria gave up so much of her life for Cecilia… absolutely anything and everything… she was desperate to save her child. However, Cecilia would constantly twist and tangle her variation of responses towards Ria from moment to moment.

Cecilia loved to play guilt trips on Ria, constantly and outright stating that Ria was not doing enough or was not good enough at helping protect her from the occult. Cecilia even went as far as manipulating Ria to get her to neglect her friends and even her own biological children too because Cecilia was more important… after all, Cecilia’s life was at risk, not theirs. Whenever Ria paid attention to anyone else, suddenly the occult would attack Cecilia and Ria was then blamed for it. This all resulted in Ria trying harder and harder… to be good enough… to give up more… and to do more, to save Cecilia.

Then a twist would come, and Cecilia would praise Ria for being her mother… now, seemingly grateful, and friendly towards Ria. She would then even confide occult secrets to Ria, to show that Ria was trustworthy enough of having them… to show Ria that Cecilia trusted her with her life.

Then another twist would be thrown with Cecilia mocking Ria for who she was as a person… ridiculing her in absolutely every way possible… stating that she was a complete waste of space, as a human being herself… the mockery and ridicule continued… over and over again, until Ria would finally be in a state of devastation and tears.

Then Cecilia would suddenly go into an outraged state, screaming and shouting, furiously with anger. She would claim that her other DID parts were the ones who were being mean toward Ria, and that she would get revenge on them… and then Cecilia would quickly and lovingly attend to Ria, trying to comfort her back to a calmer state again.

This whirlwind of responses from Cecilia was daily. Ria was guilted into having the responsibility of being the mother. She was trapped. Yet, she was also not a good enough… until Cecilia finally said so. This cyclone of nonsense swirled around Ria non-stop. A hurricane of verbal and emotional abuse. But despite this, Ria always maintained a caring and loving motherly response, regardless of how Cecilia acted towards her. I had watched it countless times… too many times. Ria sacrificed everything… she sacrificed her life, just so that she could be abused and used in return.


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