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The Unmentioned Others

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Since the very beginning of knowing Cecilia, I had seen many people come and go. Initially, they were members of Ria’s ministry team, Overcomers Through Christ. For a long time, I did not think much about the people who disappeared because Cecilia had always given some logical, seemingly justified reason as to why these people were gone… and why the majority of them could no longer be found. But whenever their presence was finally questioned by Ria… when it became of great concern that they could not be found… Cecilia, instantly, would relay a recent scenario where she had bumped into that person, near her flat… and, without fail, added that this person would take off running because of the guilt that they felt in claiming that Cecilia is a liar and they did not want any confrontation from her. The reason was always met with confused silence.

The majority of these people have been found dead… some still remain missing, and there are a minor few who are still in hiding.


As time extended, people started joining Cecilia’s group through Ria’s ministry courses. These courses became a key avenue in which Cecilia would recruit more people into her group… innocent people, who were all out, for a good cause.

Cecilia had a need for people with certain qualifications… a doctor, an advocate and anyone who could be useful, at any given time period, for whatever reason. Then there were the people who were considered as spare parts… people who had no status or qualification that could be deemed as useful. They were there, merely, to carry out seemingly insignificant instructions from Cecilia… make coffee, bring food, and other simple tasks.

As the years went by, numerous people in Cecilia’s group started realizing the truth behind her lies and made the brutal mistake of confronting her. These confrontations came at a cost: suffering until submission was back in place. For those who remained resistant, they were eventually killed… very few were able to escape with their lives and still remain in hiding. For those who remained submissive to Cecilia and for those who did not see the truth behind the lies, those people are now missing after Cecilia was arrested. Some of these people are guilty of crimes, while some are innocent victims who are either now dead or running for their lives.