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The Bead Shop. Scare Tactics

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Every time I visited Cecilia, the first thing she would always persist on doing is driving around Krugersdorp. Simply, just driving. Up and down the same roads… over and over again. After doing these routes for over three years, several times each week, this became very tedious. No matter how much I tried mixing up the order of the roads we would travel, it was still very tedious. But with Cecilia being confined within her occult boundaries, we could only travel within a certain radius, so this didn’t give us much to do. Added that she was also not able to be in certain hot spots, within her occult boundaries, because she would be at greater risk for being attacked.

On one particular day, driving down one of the roads near President Hyper, Krugersdorp, Cecilia abruptly motioned for me to stop the car outside of a small building. I was confused. No sooner that I stopped the card, had she abruptly and excitedly jumped out of it. I was confused. We had driven past this building countless times before… it was old and dingy… a broken-down house. I asked Cecilia, “Why are we stopping here?”

Excited, Cecilia points to a small hidden sign on the building: Bead Shop. The sign was hidden by bushes. I had never seen it before, and this definitely did not look like it would have been a shop at all. But while standing there in my confusion, staring at the sign, Cecilia quickly rushes into the shop. I casually walk in after her because I do not understand what the fuss is about.

Inside the shop, wall to wall, there were shelves full of different beads. Different shapes. Different colors. Plastic, ceramic… you name it, they had it. In the middle, there was a huge display table, with even more beads. Cecilia’s eyes were as big as a kid’s eyes would be in a toy shop. She rushed all over, looking at all the different beads. To me, it merely looked like a sewing shop. Why would she be so highly fascinated?

Then I see Cecilia scavenging though different assortments of beads and piling certain ones into her hand… walking back and forth, from the shelves to the table, over and over again… constantly adding more and more beads to the collection in her hands. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I asked, “Why do you want beads?”

Cecilia looked at me with the biggest smile, and in utmost excitement, she exclaims, “So I can drop them around my room and outside the flat. Ria will think they are from the occult, trying to open doorways to get to me.”

In complete and utter confusion, all I could say was, “Why… why do you want to do that?”

Cecilia looked back at me with a smirk and said, “Because she’s being reckless. She’s not taking our situation seriously enough. I need to scare her to make her realize how serious this is.”

Instantly, after making that statement, Cecilia goes to pay for the beads and walks back to the car. My head was spinning in confusion. Why a scare tactic? Ria is already panic stricken and paranoid, so why make it worse for her? I had no words. I didn’t know what to say to Cecilia after that.

I felt so out of place and lost in confusion, driving back to Cecilia’s flat after that. My mind was spinning. I was completely quiet… all while Cecilia happily pieced through each bead, being proud of each one that she had selected.

As soon as we got back to the flat, I saw Ria’s car was parked there. As I was about to get out of my car, Cecilia abruptly stopped me and said, “No, you must go home right now. Don’t go inside. I can feel my Dad is nearby. You need to take the little ones home with you. It’s not safe.”

I did not stop to question or hesitate in leaving. I left immediately but not because Cecilia had told me to… my mind was wrestling in chaotic confusion. I was desperately trying to figure things out, so I needed to drive… drive a very long road… slowly… hoping that the drive was long enough to help me fully understand what was going on.

Only years later, did this scenario make sense to me. For those who are ignorant towards occult related issues and having gone through a variation of extensive exaggerated stories and repeated dramatic life-threatening scenarios with Cecilia, the scare tactics, and methods that she ultimately got away with using to fool us… had ultimately become as simple as a harmless plastic bead.