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The House

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Nearing the end of 2009, Cecilia had managed to accumulate enough money, in a bank account, to put down a deposit payment for a house. Cecilia had never mentioned a word of it to me, until the day I witnessed Dries and Cecilia looking at their bank account balance. They gave big gleaming smiles to each other… went to fetch two glasses of champaign and toasted each other for the success. I stood there gobsmacked and speechless. I was beyond confused.

Shortly after, I left with Dries and Cecilia to drive around looking at houses, that were for sale, that were not too far away from their flat. Eventually they parked the car outside of the one house. I sat at the back of the car, silently, listening to their conversation about purchasing that house… the numerous large alterations they want to make to it… how much money would be needed for everything… and then after a lengthily discussion, they both gleamed happily in agreement with one another because there was enough money to do all of this. It was at that very moment that I realized that something was horribly wrong with the supposed money issue… it was all a lie.


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