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The Quadbikes

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One day, not too long after Cecilia got a Kawasaki Ninja, I had gone to the back of the flats with Cecilia to where the cars are parked. As we approached the motorcycle, my eyes widened, and confusion hit me. There was a quadbike parked in front of the motorcycle.

Immediately, I assumed the quadbike must belong to one of the other residents in the flats, so I casually commented, “Whose bike is that?”

Cecilia, without hesitation, responded, “That belongs to Cameron. He doesn’t have space at his house so he asked if he could store it here for a while.”

This reason sounded somewhat normal… but it still didn’t sit well with me… it made sense, but it didn’t at the same time. As the weeks and months passed, I made a note of looking to see if the quadbike was still there or not… it was always there.

I eventually, and casually, asked Cecilia, “When is Cameron going fetch his quadbike?”

Cecilia laughed and responded, “I don’t know,” and then she changed the topic immediately.

Eventually, there were outings among the members of the group to have fun riding the quadbike at the Coronation Dam. Whenever these events took place, Cameron was there… so it didn’t seem too strange. However, the longer the quadbike was at Cecilia’s flat, the more my unease grew.

A couple of months later, when I arrived at Cecilia’s flat, I immediately saw there were two extra quadbikes parked at the back of the flat. My suspicion went through the roof so fast that heart palpitations began. Things did not make sense. My suspicions on everything were colliding in on me, all in one go. Nervously, I walked into Cecilia’s flat.

Out of chaotic nerves and confusion, I blurted out, “Why are there three quadbikes outside now?”

Cecilia casually looked at me and happily replied, “Oh, Cameron bought Louisa and little Andries a quadbike each, so that they won’t feel left out,” and then she immediately left the room, turning her attention to someone else and dropping the topic altogether.

Louisa was merely a toddler… this had no logical reasoning whatsoever. Little Andries was also too small to handle riding such a big quadbike. This added to the suspicion. Because of Cameron, Cecilia had a Kawasaki Ninja and three quadbikes. The truth for the money issue was surfacing fast.


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