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Ria, Drugged

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One morning, Ria was running late to get to Cecilia’s flat. She had to be there at 5am because Dries had to leave for work at that time. Ria arrived at Cecilia’s flat with her towel and clean clothes, and asked Cecilia if she could quickly take a bath. Ria ran the bath water and then she and Cecilia went to the kitchen. Cecilia opened a can of tomato juice and poured it into a glass for Ria, which Ria then took with her back into the bathroom. Once Ria had finished bathing, and had gotten dressed, she started to feel very strange. She told Cecilia that she was going to lie down on the bed for a little while because it was getting worse. Ria fell asleep around 7am and only woke up again 5pm later that day. Ria was shocked when she saw the time, but she was devastated because, while she had been asleep, the occult had managed to come into the flat to harm Cecilia. Ria repeatedly apologized to Cecilia, over and over again, for having been asleep and not being there to protect her. Ria was immensely remorseful. After countless apologies, Ria then began desperately trying to figure out how the occult had managed to put her to sleep, to get her out of the way, so that they could harm Cecilia… to where Cecilia explained that her grandmother had astralled into the bathroom and put a sleeping tablet in Ria’s juice.[1]


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