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Training “Little” Andries

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There was a stage where Cecilia had gotten little Andries a kitten. He adored this little kitten. It was his world. It was the only love he received. But, about two weeks after having been given the kitten, and Cecilia seeing how much little Andries had bonded with it, she decided to then take it away from him… by literally abruptly and rudely snatching the kitten away from his little arms. I was so confused. little Andries was devastated. Cecilia then explained to me that this is what is supposed to happen in the occult:

When children reach a certain age, they are given a very young animal. The child is supposed to bond with this animal… to then have it brutally ripped away from the child after. This was supposed to build strength and character within the child. A type of brainwashing and mind-numbing process or method.

Watching little Andries cry in total devastation was heart-breaking beyond words. There was nothing I could do or was allowed to do, in order to comfort him. This was the process Cecilia claimed he had to go through, as he would reach certain milestones as an occult child.