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Cecilia’s “Mother’s” Twin. The Panic

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There were many moments, throughout my friendship with Cecilia Steyn, that confused me, but the confusion was always met with seemingly logical answers from her… or answers, that were too exhausting to even try comprehending… I was, after all, still very much of an amateur when it came to knowing what goes on in Cecilia’s world.

After one of our usual trips to the pharmacy at the Netcare Hospital, in Krugersdorp, Cecilia abruptly announces… with a very excited, yet panicked look on her face, “Someone told me that they saw my mother’s twin in a movie!”

I looked at her confused but without being able to say a word in response, Cecilia immediately adds, “Yea, one of the others in Ria’s ministry said that they watched a movie and the one actress looked exactly like my mother!”

The obvious logic hadn’t quite hit me yet, and said, “What movie was it?”

“Agh… I don’t know. It was just some kind of vampire movie… something like that…” and then Cecilia suddenly tries to divert my attention to something else she saw across the street.

Vampires Los Muetos (2002)

However, logic started setting in, and as we started walking across the street, I turn and casually say to Cecilia, “… But didn’t you say that twins were not allowed in the occult? That if someone gives birth to twins, one has to be killed?”

The panic on Cecilia’s face was obvious, but quickly hidden again with a smirk and she says, “Yea, but my mother’s twin was given up for adoption in secret. The occult doesn’t know about it, so you can’t tell anyone otherwise her life will be in danger too.”

Logic met with nonsense… met with a seemingly logical explanation. Her mother’s twin was given away to save her life. It made sense. After all, it was despicable enough just to know that if you give birth twins, one of them will ultimately have to be killed. So, at least Cecilia’s mother’s twin was still alive and well…