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By this point, Lizette was on friendly terms with Cecilia. Lizette had decided she wanted to escape from the occult, but she had to do it in subtle ways. She had to keep up the guise of trying to kill Cecilia, while she was also trying to help Cecilia as well. It was a complex situation… from Lizette’s side.

I had been trying to help a friend with some personal issues, but there were numerous things that needed to be clarified in order to sort things out… things that we just could not get answers to.

Receiving text messages from Lizette was normal. The messages were almost daily. However, one morning I decided to get into the shower to then get quickly dressed. Once I got out the shower, I saw there had been a missed phone call… from Lizette. Confused! This was the first time anyone in Cecilia’s group would have actually spoken to someone else from the occult. I debated on phoning back, but I never did. To phone Lizette back, would mean potentially exposing her. If I phoned her, and she was with Mr Brand or anyone else in the occult, and they witnessed the call… it would mean that Lizette would be killed because they were already suspicious of her wanting to leave. So, I decided to rather send a text message back, apologizing for missing the phone call… hoping that she would phone back… but she never did. There was not even a response to my text message. I reasoned with myself that she was obviously not in a safe place to talk. So, I would have to ultimately have to wait.

Later that day, while in my car with Cecilia, Cecilia phones my friend to speak with her about the issue. I sit quietly listening to the two of them talk and then Cecilia reassures my friend that she will get someone to help with the issue.

A few hours later, I had to leave to go home. Little did I know that I was going to experience a more tangible encounter with Lizette.

As I get home, my friend was there waiting for me. In sheer disbelief and excitement, she says to me, “You won’t believe who phoned me?!”

I braced myself. From the look on my friend’s face, this was obviously something that would be completely surprising to me.


“Lizette!” Exclaimed my friend.

I looked at my friend in disbelief. Lizette had actually phoned her? She had actually heard Lizette’s voice? My friend had spoken to Cecilia earlier that same day, so she would have known if it was the same person in the second phone call… or if Cecilia had been trying to disguise her voice. Still in disbelief, I listen to my friend ramble on about the conversation she had with Lizette regarding the issue.

“Yea… I told her about what has been going on, but I have no confirmation of certain things. But I still didn’t completely believe that Lizette astrals. I mean, you know I don’t believe Cecilia does. But… but then I decided to test her. So, I asked her to astral to go some places…” My friend then takes a long pause, looking completely bewildered. “Lizette ACTUALLY told me the EXACT details of the things I had seen… but I hadn’t told her them either. You didn’t tell Cecilia anything about those details, did you?”

Startled at the news, I answer, “No, you know I don’t tell secrets. Cecilia doesn’t know anything.”

My friend’s eyes get bigger and her jaw drops, “Well… well then I definitely believe they both astral now because… because HOW ON EARTH could Lizette have known those things… if she didn’t astral? … AND… she did it while I was on the phone with her too!? But that was confusing. How could she talk to me and still astral to find things out?”

Looking at my friend, feeling very confused, “I honestly have no idea… I’m still shocked that she phoned you. Maybe she’s like Cecilia? I don’t know… It all confuses me too much sometimes.”

“Well, either way, I know she definitely did astral. I didn’t tell her specifics of anything and then she went to check… and she told me the exact details. I asked her to check so many things because it was amazing to have someone be able to do that, y’know,” my friend happily responds because now she has confirmations to other things that she never had before.

I was left confused. Lizette being able to astral was not something new to me. Lizette having phoned someone… was a new experience altogether. Now, with having experienced the reality of Lizette, there was no doubt in my mind that the other occult people existed as well.


There was always utmost panic in trying to keep Lizette wanting to leave the occult, as a secret. The occult could not know, otherwise she would have been killed instantly. But as the months and years passed by, Cecilia said that Mr Brand was starting to suspect that Lizette was wanting to leave the occult. He had been scanning her calls and messages, and having other members of the occult following her, to watch her every move.

Mr Brand’s sole mission for Lizette was for her to kill Cecilia. However, now that he was becoming suspicious of her wanting to leave the occult, he instructed her to harm the other members of Cecilia’s group as well. If she willfully did this… without hesitation or question… then he would have no reason to think that she was wanting to leave the occult. So, Lizette had no option but to maintain a fool proof appearance of undying allegiance and carry out these despicable acts… acts where Cecilia was left horrifically hurt and barely still breathing… animals sacrificed and placed, in satanic formation, on the properties of the members in Cecilia’s group as warnings and death threats…

As time went on, Mr Brand’s suspicion about Lizette was growing. So, he held Lizette captive in the torture room for several days… sadistically abusing her, trying to get her to confess her undying allegiance to satan… trying to ensure that she will stay loyal and not leave the occult. Lizette was left critically wounded… but it made her want to leave the occult even more.

A crucial occult high day was approaching, and Lizette was fearing for her life, thinking that she might be chosen to be killed on that night, as part of the human sacrifice that was required. She became desperate… Cecilia became desperate… plans were urgently being made to rescue Lizette and get her into hiding, but no one was allowed to know where.

Lizette had successfully been rescued and was in hiding. She was in isolation. But there was one problem. This occult high day was during a full moon. Lizette would automatically change into a werewolf. Everyone braced themselves as the occult high day approached because of the potential disaster that might take place where Lizette was hiding.

The day after this occult high day, was my day to visit Cecilia. We drove around Krugersdorp in silence, going through the usual motion of roads taken… until I finally broke the silence, “Is Lizette okay?”

Cecilia looks at me and smirks… she says nothing. She looks out the window… and we drive a bit further. Then Cecilia finally says, “It was a disaster. Lizette was so paranoid about changing into a werewolf that she had locked the door and even barricaded it… just in case she did change. She would have ended up killing people if she got out… Westley was worried about her because she hadn’t eaten protein in a few days before the full moon, so that night, he went to the hotel to go check on her. When he got there, the door had been ripped open and the room was torn apart. Claw marks everywhere! He couldn’t find Lizette. But… y’know… he’s a werewolf too… so he used his sense of smell to find her. He eventually found her on the roof of the hotel. She had fully changed and was pacing up and down… but he managed to calm her down so she can change back again, and then he took her back inside.”

I was silent. I had no words. Lizette could have been caught. Someone might have seen her as a werewolf… and worse, someone might have been killed by her.

Eventually, after a very long period of silence, still having no clue as to what I should say, “What did the hotel people think when they saw the room that she stayed in.”

“I don’t know. That’s their problem,” and Cecilia burst into chaotic laughter and continued to stare out the window.

Again, after another long period of silence, Cecilia finally points to a building, “There! That’s where Lizette is hiding!”

I gazed up at the building. It was so public. So central. How was it possible that no one had seen a werewolf on the roof of that building?

Cecilia then changed the topic, but my mind was left wandering around wild extensively with my imagination… trying to visualize a werewolf, pacing up and down on the roof of this hotel…

Die Herberg Hotel
Market Street, Krugersdorp

Early 2021, Lizette’s existence was confirmed to be real.