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Marinda’s John

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Soon after Marinda was introduced into Cecilia’s group, Cecilia sent me a text message while I was at home, asking for me to find several photos of good-looking men. These men had to be random, and unrecognizable. I did not matter where I would find these pictures from, as long as these men could not be easily recognized by anyone. When I asked Cecilia why she wanted these photos, she merely responded by saying that she would explain the next time that I see her.

After much searching on the internet, while having absolutely no clue as to why Cecilia needed these photos, I eventually found photos of a good-looking man, and then sent them to Cecilia.

The two photos that I had sent to Cecilia

Shortly after, numerous dramatic life-threatening scenarios kept happening with Cecilia, so my mind was too preoccupied with worrying about her safety and livelihood. My mind was consumed by all this drama, so I had completely forgotten about the photos altogether.

After a few weeks, when I was visiting with Cecilia, talking about a variation of topics, she received a text message. Cecilia instantly burst out hysterically laughing. The way in which she laughed was also somewhat strange… it sounded like a ridiculed type of laughter. I was confused. Out of curiosity, I asked Cecilia what was so funny.

“Marinda’s so dumb!” Smirked Cecilia. “I sent her one of those photos, of that man, and I told her that he was from the occult and that he was in love with her… and now she’s obsessed with him!”

Not very impressed with the statement, I ask, “But why would you do that?”

“You know how gullible Marinda is! She believes anything I tell her… I told her that John astralled to see me because he wanted to leave the occult, but when he saw Marinda, he fell in love with her… and that he keeps following her everywhere… so now she thinks she has this guy following her everywhere! It’s so funny!”

“But are you eventually going to tell her the truth?”

“No!” Laughed Cecilia, with a haughty stare in her eyes, and then adds, “Marinda thinks that when John finally manages to leave the occult, he wants to date her… and then to marry her, so they can spend the rest of their lives together.” And Cecilia burst out laughing even more hysterically.

“But how can she be so obsessed over him if she has never even met him?”

Cecilia smirks and says, “Because I’m pretending to be John, sending her messages from my other phone number.”

I was in shock. Disbelief. Why would Cecilia do this to anyone? That is just cruel. Seeing the obvious look on my face, Cecilia then diverted the topic completely.

Later that same day, Marinda arrived at Cecilia’s flat. She walked in excitedly, immediately talking about the conversations that she had been having with John that day. I was guilt stricken. I knew the truth behind the lie. Cecilia glared at me and then said, “Okay, I think it’s time you go home now.”

Weeks went by where John was constantly talked about, by Marinda. It was clear that she was obsessed with him. She was falling in love with a John who did not exist… a photo, of a man, who did not even know that she existed. With Marinda’s obvious obsessive qualities, since meeting her, she had already gone overboard when it came to John. Marinda, literally, lived and breathed all that was John. Her world was wrapped around him, and their potential future. Cecilia had even told me that Marinda even created a shrine to John. No one was allowed to touch it. No one was allowed near it. It was a place of dedication, to show John, that her home, was his home.

Marinda’s ‘shrine’ to John, in her home.


After quite a bit of time had passed, and on one particular day when I arrived at Cecilia’s flat, I noticed that she was angry… really, angry. Marinda had done something that had made Cecilia angry, and she wanted to get back at Marinda for it. Cecilia would not tell me what Marinda had done, in order to make her angry and, ultimately, the despute was between the two of them, so it was none of my business.

Not long after I had arrived, Marinda then arrived at Cecilia’s flat as well. She walked in carefree, as if there was nothing wrong at all. I was confused. Cecilia was angry at Marinda, but Marinda was either unaware of it, or she did not care about it at all.

While the three of us sat in Cecilia’s bedroom, discussing random topics, Cecilia abruptly gets up and goes to the bathroom. When Cecilia came out, she casually went and sat on her bed and sat silently for a few minutes. Next minute, Cecilia’s phone beeps. It was a text message. Cecilia response immediately turns to panic and remorse. Marinda asks Cecilia what was wrong. Cecilia then looks at Marinda and remains silent for a few seconds, then says, “They found out John was trying to escape… the plane that he was flying on… it crashed. John’s dead.”

Instantly, Marinda’s legs caved in underneath her, falling to the ground sobbing… and then hyperventilating…. gasping for air… over and over again. Marinda could not breathe. Her chest was closing in on her. She was having a severe panic attack. Cecilia and I rushed to pick Marinda off the ground to try get her to my car. We needed to rush her to Medicross, but Marinda could barely stand. Dries had just come home, so he proceeded to help Marinda to her feet and then help her walk to the car.

While Dries was busy helping Marinda, I got into the driver’s seat and Cecilia sat in the passenger seat next to me. I glared at Cecilia. I was in complete disbelief. Shock. Horror. Marinda was in a complete state, all because of this lie. Cecilia gleaned at me, in pride. She was laughing at Marinda. I was confused.

Out of desperation, I said, “PLEASE just tell Marinda the truth?! Tell her that John doesn’t actually exist… or at the very least, that he’s not dead. Just tell her something! Please!?”

Cecilia glared at me harshly, very unimpressed with my pleas, and said, “DON’T YOU DARE say a word to Marinda! … If you tell her, YOU WILL regret it!”

Cecilia’s harsh tone and the look in her eyes stunned me to silence. I was desperate to help Marinda, but I was scared because of Cecilia’s warning. I was frozen in fear. Once Dries had managed to get Marinda into the car, I immediately rushed to get her to Medicross. My mind was chaos. Confusion. Fear… and panic stricken. Cecilia watched me, as I drove. She could clearly see that I wanted to tell Marinda the truth. I was desperate to tell her the truth.

Medicross Krugersdorp
Cnr Luipaard &, Paardekraal Dr, Krugersdorp

Once I had parked my car at Medicross, Cecilia again harshly reprimanded me and said, “Wait here in the car! I don’t you near Marinda!” And then she took Marinda inside to the clinic.

I waited for quite a long time in the parking lot. The minutes felt like hours. I was panicking. Marinda was in a critical state by the time we had arrived. She was barely breathing… gasping, over and over again, for air.

Eventually, Cecilia walked Marinda back to the car. Marinda seemed out of it, but she was calm and breathing. Cecilia was clearly still very unimpressed with me. She was angry. She did not say a word.

While driving back to Cecilia’s flat, I eventually break the silence, “Did the doctor’s give Marinda something to calm her down? Is she going to be okay?”

Cecilia glares at me in silence. After a few minutes she harshly says, “Her blood pressure was extremely high. She almost had a stroke, so they gave her something strong to calm her down.”

After hearing the tone of Cecilia’s voice, I could not utter another word. All that mattered, right now, was that Marinda is okay. Once we arrived back at Cecilia’s flat, before being able to get out of the car, Cecilia stared at me harshly… it felt like fear ran down my spine, and then she orders, “Just go home now! Just leave!”


Even after John died, Marinda’s obsession remained. She kept the shrine and still, no one was allowed near it. As the years passed on, the shrine even became a bigger display, and more items were added to it. Even when Marinda moved houses, she would, as a first priority, set up the shrine first. Even though John was dead, Marinda had never let go of his memory and remained obsessive… at least over his memory.

Marinda, as a person, already had an extremely obsessive personality trait. Adding to that, Cecilia had managed to brainwash and control Marinda through the text messages from John. The core of Marinda’s allegiance was formed on the fabricated lie of John.

If Marinda knew the truth behind John, I undoubtedly know that this would break the core of her allegiance and loyalty to Cecilia. After Cecilia had killed off John, Marinda proceeded to draw even closer to Cecilia because she was Marinda’s only tangible connection left to John. Cecilia was a reminder of John. The occult was constantly trying to kill Cecilia; the occult had killed John. From the start of meeting Cecilia, Marinda wanted to fight the worthy cause of rescuing someone from the occult. However, now with John having been killed by the occult, Marinda was determined even more so to fight. Almost like revenge… revenge aimed at the occult, all while the one who had killed John, was actually the one who she drew allegiance with.