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Cecilia Steyn’s DID

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With every occult child born, DID is created within that child because of the severe repeated trauma that they undergo. Once DID is created, the occult can then structure the DID systems accordingly.

Cecilia Steyn had four DID systems, called: Platinum, Spider, Diamond and Pyramid Systems. Each system encompassed different DID parts that would carry out specific roles or carried specific personality types and/or abilities. For example:

  • The Platinum system was known to encompass the most dangerous of all Cecilia’s DID parts, including DID parts that were still loyal to the occult.
  • The Spider system encompassed a number of vampire DID parts, one of which was Lilly (Lilith), Cecilia’s DID child vampire.

Among all four of these systems, Cecilia had claimed to have had over 800 DID parts, many of which were introduced to numerous members of her group on regular occasions. Each had their own names, personality traits, mannerisms and so on.


Cecilia, herself, was the core. She was the main person or the main identity upon conception. Her personality was gentle natured, loving and very caring. Since Cecilia carried the generational werewolf/wolf bloodline, she, as the core, was able to fully transform into a werewolf/wolf for any given reason, at any given time.


When Cecilia was born, Anya was created with the sole purpose of preserving any bit of good, which was within Cecilia, to be then contained within Anya. Anya was the essence of purity, of all that is good. There was no evil in Anya, whatsoever. She was merely a 3 year old little girl. An innocent child, who was repeatedly and severely abused, and in desperate need of protection and desperately needed a mother’s love. However, since Anya was a preservation of Cecilia as a child, she also carried the generational werewolf/wolf bloodline, so Anya was also able to transform into a werewolf/wolf for any given reason, at any given time.


Akesiha, pronounced “a-kaa-sha”, was the second in charge. She was created to take Cecilia’s place if Cecilia ever decided to leave the occult. Akesiha was to ensure that Cecilia, or at least the embodiment of Cecilia, remained loyal to the occult.

Akesiha was one of the most prominent of Cecilia’s DID parts, who was also about the same age as Cecilia. She was a rebel and thrived on causing chaos. She was loud, boisterous, and swore like a sailor. She did not follow anyone’s rules; she made her own… and then still broke them. Akesiha had often claimed that her rightful occult name was Akesiha, Queen of the Damned, which, ultimately, strongly referenced her role and indicated her personality trait.

Queen Of The Damned


Xena was exceptionally dangerous. Her presence, in itself, terrified you. She was around Cecilia’s age. She was loyal to the occult and exceptionally dark in her mannerisms and ways of thinking. She was exceptionally powerful, as she still maintained most of the abilities from the occult that Cecilia had learnt / inherited growing up. Xena was part of the Platinum System and a very prominent and dominant DID part that scared everyone. She had no hesitation to kill. She was cold and heartless.


Lilly (Lilith) was named after a demon. She was a child… but also a vampire. She craved the taste of blood and required blood in order to be fed. She was perhaps around 6 years old and her mannerisms were all that of a child. Lilly was part of the Spider System, and she was one of the dominant DID parts for that specific system.


There were numerous babies and children within Cecilia’s four DID systems, all ranging from a few months old and upwards. They were childlike. The spoke as children and played like children. The babies required bottles and nappies, in order to look after them. The slightly older children thrived on being given sweets and toys.


There were numerous other DID parts that resided within Cecilia’s DID system. Only Cecilia and Anya carried the werewolf/wolf gene. However, there were numerous DID parts that were vampires, craving and needing blood in order to sustain them. Numerous DID parts, specifically from the Platinum System, came with status and occult power and were often threatening to those that they came into contact with. Several of the DID parts, from the other DID systems, were somewhat neutral and friendly, all ranging in different ages from their teenage years to Cecilia’s actual age. Every DID part had a name, had a role, had a purpose and had a very distinctive personality type. They were all uniquely different from one another in many ways. Some DID parts would swear like sailors, some would be well-mannered and use eloquent words, some were helpful and hospitable, while others were also outright creators of chaos because they thrived on making others miserable.

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