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Occult Abilities

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In addition to Cecilia’s already-inherited werewolf/wolf and vampire bloodline, she became skilled in abilities such as astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, shape shifting, walking on water, and so on.



Astral projection is an intentional Out of Body Experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of a soul called an astral body that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside the physical body throughout the universe.[1] To put it simply, astral projection is a term used to describe the soul or astral body leaving the physical body while asleep or meditating and traveling to wherever it likes.[2]

You feel as if you are outside yourself (your body), looking at your body from another perspective. An Out of Body Experience (OBE) generally involves: a feeling of floating outside your body; an altered perception of the world, such as looking down from a height; the feeling that you’re looking down at yourself from above; and a sense that what’s happening is very real. Astral projection usually involves an intentional effort to send your consciousness from your body. It usually refers to your consciousness traveling out of your body toward a spiritual plane or dimension. An OBE, on the other hand, is usually unplanned. And rather than traveling, your consciousness is said to simply float or hover above your physical body. OBEs are largely recognized within the medical community and have been the subject of many studies. Astral projection, however, is considered to be a spiritual practice.[3]

While Sleeping

According to a YouTube guru, the astral plane is where we go every night in dreams. Because we’re not fully conscious, we don’t always remember this place.[4] An astral projection is said to be more common for people who are in the stages of a REM cycle where they are in between sleep and consciousness. It’s that feeling you get when you are dreaming and feel as though you are falling, or tripping, before your body suddenly jolts you awake.[5]

Moving Things

In astral projection you find a world where you are already physically present and touching whatever it is you want to touch. However, to include physical interaction as an astral, without a physical body, takes an exhausting amount of energy.[6] The physical world is harder to manipulate, so to do that you need to have a powerful soul.[7]

An Astral Presence

Erin Pavlina said, “One thing you can do to the physical world while in an astral state is be sensed by people who are awake. I’ve had experiences where I was astral, floated on over to a friend’s house while they were awake, tried to get them to see me or notice me, and have them tell me the next day they ‘felt my presence’ at the same time I was there. This is difficult, however. Most people who are awake are not at all attuned to the astral plane. That would be like tuning in to a cable channel you don’t normally get just to see if something other than static is coming through at that moment. I do believe, though I’ve never personally experienced it, that it’s possible with great effort to do something to the physical world while in an astral state.”[8]

Astral projection was the most fundamental and most basic of practices in the occult. It was used for a variation of means and it bypassed all physical boundaries and limitations. It was the easiest and quickest ability used to do most things.

Astral projection was just an ordinary everyday function for Cecilia and her DID parts. With having DID, Cecilia had the full capability of being fully functional in her own body and, at the same time, she was able to astral project anywhere she wanted in the world. Cecilia had no limitations, so much so that she was able to astral project to the moon.


Telepathy is the act of transferring thoughts into someone else’s head[9]. This was one of the most basic abilities that Cecilia had leant growing up in the occult and this was also one of the main methods used by occult members to communicate with one another in secret.

Additionally, telepathy was also used to learn more about a person, without their consent. Through this ability, Cecilia was able to read a person’s mind and she was able to dive deep within their subconscious to know about their past as well.


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects, or to make them change shape, using the power of the mind, not physical power[10].

Telekinesis requires no physical touch in order to do something, so for amateurs, a demon needed to be used, in order to harness the ability to move an object, or to radically completely transform the appearance of something. For those who held extreme power in the occult, they did not require the assistance of a demon. Through a simple thought, they were able to perfect the art of telekinesis.


Levitation is the rising, or lifting, of a person by means held to be supernatural[11].

Similar to telekinesis, an amateur required the use of demons in order to levitate. However, someone with extreme power could achieve this by merely willing themselves to do so.

Cecilia and those in her coven regularly practiced levitation because it was an ability that few manage to achieve. It requires complete focus and full control, which is exceptionally hard to do. However, because of Cecilia’s incredible power, levitating was a regular habit, simply, because it was a reminder to others about Cecilia’s high status. Those within Cecilia’s small circle of friends, from the occult, also gained the ability to levitate because of their association and allegiance to Cecilia.

Allegedly: Cecilia (center forefront) and others from the occult practicing Levitation.
Fact: Still frame from the movie “The Craft”[12]


Teleportation, also referred to as spotting by Cecilia, is to disappear and then reappear at a different place[13].

It was common for Cecilia, and others from the occult, to use teleportation when it came to spying on someone, stealing something, and especially in carrying out attacks on someone. They could be a whole country away and suddenly, within a split second, be standing right next to their target. They would be there long enough to carry out a sinister plan and then disappear again… as if they had never been there in the first place. It would all happen within the blink of an eye, so there would never be time enough to have or leave evidence behind.


Shape shifting is the ability to transform from one physical form[14] into another often through a magical means[15].

Aside from those in the occult who could naturally shape shift into werewolf/wolf form, everyone in the occult also learnt to transform themselves into appearing as a completely different person or becoming any type of animal. This was regular practice in order to go unnoticed in public spaces. It was a method used to hide. However, those who were in the occult could sense the true identity of someone, whereas those who were not in the occult would be completely oblivious altogether.

Shape shifting was even used as a method to hide the truth of an event or situation. If anyone had been injured, a simple shape shift would occur the person appeared perfectly healthy. Shape shifting, in this aspect, would also be able to fool others in the occult as well because the changes were more subtle.


Invisibility was, merely, one step further than shape shifting for those in the occult. Again, by the aid of demons or sheer willpower, those in the occult could make themselves appear completely invisible. Again, only those in the occult could sense the person’s presence, while they were invisible, whereas other people could not.

Invisibility was used as a means to spy, to go undetected or to escape in the physical world. Astral projection was used, for these same purposes, but rather when it came to covering a broader physical distance in travel and where there were physical limitations.

Both abilities were also used by mere preference as well, as no one in the occult was held to a set rule for when they could or could not use these abilities.


Cecilia killed many people, but she did not lay her hands on any of them to do so. She used her abilities to kill, and she also ordered the demons that were at her disposal to kill. These were Cecilia’s main methods for killing, simply, because she would then not have to get her hands dirty and there would be no evidence remaining that could be traced back to her. Cecilia’s power was so extreme that one simple nod of the head from Cecilia would instruct a demon to kill a person instantly.


Cecilia was the only witch in the world to have the ability to walk on water. This, however, only happened after partaking in a specific ritual on a beach. After the ritual, she went into a trans-like state and demons summoned her to walk out onto the water, and then she was struck by lightning, which increased her power exponentially.

Occult Claim - Ritual, Walking on Water & Struck by Lightning - The Craft (2)

Allegedly: Cecilia being stuck by lightning.
Fact: Still frame from the movie “The Craft”[16]

Occult Claim - Ritual, Walking on Water & Struck by Lightning - The Craft (4)

Allegedly: Cecilia walking on water.
Fact: Still frame from the movie “The Craft”[17]

Occult Claim - Ritual, Walking on Water & Struck by Lightning - The Craft (3)

Allegedly: Cecilia walking on water.
Fact: Still frame from the movie “The Craft”[18]


Cecilia would partake in a duel to the death, which was a worldwide occult event held regularly. Occult members, from across the globe, would challenge one another, using their abilities to kill the other. Whoever survived the duel then inherited the abilities and demons from the person who had been killed, meaning that they would become stronger and more powerful than they were before.

Since Cecilia was the strongest witch in the world, she was also often challenged publicly and privately by other witches because of their envy of her power and her worldwide occult status. Cecilia often proudly claimed that she had defeated and killed numerous witches throughout her lifetime and, ultimately, inherited their abilities, making her even more powerful, and had even more demons at her disposal too.


Cecilia had lived and studied the ways of the Buddhist monks for several years, enabling her to extend her knowledge and abilities even further. She had acquired the know how to walk on hot fiery coals, to walk through fire, to sleep on a bed of nails and, ultimately, had managed to hold her breath under water for over an hour. Once Cecilia had managed to achieve these final skills, she was then fully prepared to fulfill the prophesy over her life to open the gates of hell on Earth.