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The Heroine Mother

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Cecilia Steyn’s mother, Elise, carried an exceptionally strong and rare werewolf/wolf bloodline. In addition to this, Elise also carried a vampire bloodline, which ultimately meant that Cecilia would become a vampire as well.

However, even though Elise was a loyal member to the occult and its practices, she was also very protective of her daughter and sought to try avoiding any abuse being inflicted on her, especially the abuse that was inflicted on Cecilia by her father, Mr Brand. Because of Elise’s protection over Cecilia, Cecilia was then taken away and put under the sole custardy of Mr Brand, where Cecilia would only be able to see her mother at occult rituals or in secret meetings. Cecilia was raised by Mr Brand, alongside with his wife Mara Brand.

Allegedly: Cecilia Steyn’s ‘biological’ mother, Elise, displaying her fangs, who carried the werewolf/wolf bloodline.
Fact: Still frame of the Actress Arly Jover, from the movie “Vampires Los Meurtos”[1]


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