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The foundation of Cecilia’s life was intertwined with various religions, beliefs, and practices, additionally then tangled up with truth and lies for further added deception.

According to Cecilia Steyn, this is her life


The Prophesy Of Cecilia Steyn

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Cecilia Steyn’s birth was prophesied about for 42 generations, dating back to Ramses II. Cecilia would be conceived on an altar, during an occult ritual, between her mother and her father.

The prophesy foretold that Cecilia’s mother would come from a werewolf/wolf bloodline, which was a rare and exceptionally strong bloodline. Cecilia’s father was to be satan, himself. However, for satan to produce a child, he needed to possess Cecilia’s biological father’s physical body during conception.

Cecilia Steyn would then be raised in occult practices, as well as be inflicted abusively through satanic practices, throughout her childhood, to strongly embed an undying loyalty to satan and the occult.

When Cecilia Steyn turned 13 years old, the age of becoming, she would then become the bride of satan, during an occult ritual ceremony. During this ceremony, satan, himself, would physically appear in his natural demonic form, and the two would state their wedding vows and consummate their marriage, on the altar, in front of all the occult members, as witnesses.

As the years proceeded, Cecilia Steyn would become highly skilled in occult practices and inherit every supernatural ability. In gaining these supernatural abilities, she would have to have partaken of any of the following:

  • Satanic ritual abuse, which would increase her loyalty to satan. This would then deem her more trustworthy, so satan, himself, would give her stronger powers and abilities.
  • Occult ritual studies, through occult schooling with the other occult children, where she would study and learn occult practices and abilities.
  • Occult rituals, where blood sacrifices were made, either from animals or humans, to gain favor or for what was required, in order to persuade demons to live inside of Cecilia. This would then give her a higher ranking and far stronger abilities.
  • Being challenged by other occult members: a duel to the death. Witches would challenge Cecilia Steyn, using their own occult abilities. The survivor of these challenges would then inherit the abilities of the other witch, who was killed.

Cecilia Steyn was prophesied to be and, ultimately, had become the strongest witch in the world. Every occult member, globally, was subjected to her ranking and authority, and had to carry out her instructions because of her status and because they feared her. If these occult members did not obey orders from Cecilia Steyn, they would be killed instantly for disobedience.

Additionally, because of Cecilia’s abilities and status, she was also given the responsibility of training other occult members with regards to fighting skills, occult rituals, and methods used for killing.

Cecilia Steyn’s superiority, as the bride of satan and as the strongest witch in the world, also enabled her to have authority over every demon to use at her disposal for any means.

Once Cecilia Steyn had reached a certain age and the peak of authority, she would then, on 31 October (Halloween Night), hold an occult ritual, whereby she would fulfill the prophesy and her role, by opening the gates of hell, to unleash havoc on Earth.