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The Wicked Stepmother

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Cecilia Steyn’s stepmother, or otherwise known as her father’s wife, was Mara Brand. Cecilia claimed that Mara had extreme hatred towards her because Cecilia was not her child, and she envied Cecilia’s status ranking in the occult. Cecilia’s status made her appear more valuable, whereas Mara’s other children were seen as mere ordinary people who had no specific value whatsoever.

Mara’s jealousy and hatred towards Cecilia was clearly displayed as she would always turn a blind eye whenever Mr Brand would inflict any abuse on Cecilia. Cecilia said that Mara would often even watch and smile, as Cecilia would be suffering at the hands of her father.

Mara would also regularly inflict abuse of her own towards Cecilia, where she would often leave Cecilia without food, saying, “There is not enough for everyone,” or she would purposely cause incidences that would end up with Cecilia being in trouble with her father, resulting in punishment and abuse. Mara, simply, hated Cecilia and went out of her way to make Cecilia’s life a living nightmare.

Family Member - Mother - Mara Brand

Allegedly: Mara Brand, Cecilia Steyn’s ‘stepmother’
Fact: Mara Brand, Cecilia Steyn’s biological mother