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Hearing About Cecilia Steyn

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I had reached a time in my life where I was trying to embrace and heal the trauma from my past, and my first instinct was to reach out to Ria, simply, because I knew that I would be safe… that I could confide anything in her, without judgement and without fear. Ria was like a mother figure to me. Ria openly offered to help heal the pain that ran deep into my heart.

However, around this same time period, Ria had just recently met Cecilia Steyn. When I had met with Ria for coffee and once I had finally spoken about the things that were hounding my mind, she then brought up Cecilia. Ria related a lot of information, regarding Cecilia, all of which left my mind baffled.

Cecilia’s father would beat her whenever she would make him angry or refuse to do what he said. He would use extreme methods such as whipping her repeatedly, leaving her with blood marks and scars across her back[1].

The scars on Cecilia’s back from the whiplashes

Cecilia’s father would even go as far as putting her son’s hands on a hot stove plate, to burn his hands, leaving him in very painful blisters[2].

Not only was Cecilia’s life at risk from her father, but other people from the occult were trying to kill her as well. Ria had repeatedly received numerous text messages from several people which read:

“… Satan talks to her (Cecilia) in her dreams and that is not the only thing he does. But the thing is, what happens in her dreams with him really happens in the spirit, it is no dream. Can you stop it?”[3]

“Cecilia is not giving in. She will not submit to the master (satan) and it is driving Andrea crazy. It looks like she is going mad. Cecilia must just give in. Andrea takes it as a personal insult if she does not.”[4]

“She cannot take much more of this. You know this, right? She keeps on saying she is okay, but she is not okay and he is not going to stop. Sooner or later Dries is going to see and if he finds out, it will kill her.”[5]

“They are trying to break her down in the spirit, because she cannot switch in the spirit. She has to feel it. They tried putting in demons, but it did not work, so good. Cecilia kept on rebuking them and they let them rape her, that gives them some power over her.”[6]

This was extreme. The details were horrific. I felt heart sore for Cecilia. Cecilia had come from a horrid past, and now was suffering immensely for it too. Ria was desperate to try and help Cecilia in any and every way that she can.

Ria, knowing the type of person that I am, asked if I would like to meet Cecilia. She wanted to extend more support to Cecilia, to show her that she is not alone, and that people do care. My response was immediate silence but then I eventually told Ria that I would think about it and let her know.

Ria then began relating even more scenarios that Cecilia had been going through, after she had left the occult. One scenario, in specific, stunned me beyond what words could ever describe…



Several nights where Cecilia had been left alone, while her husband had gone to work at the police station, satan had appeared to Cecilia. It had always been her duty, as the bride of satan, to have sex with him whenever he would appear to her. However, now because Cecilia had left the occult, she refused to do so.

Numerous times satan had appeared as a strikingly handsome looking man, with piercing red eyes, and then he would whisper sweet nothings into Cecilia’s ear. She still refused to have sex with him, refusing to re-establish and reconfirm her commitment to him. After the first few scenarios like this, satan would always disappear. However, the scenario quickly then changed.

After outwardly refusing satan, as his bride, to have sex with him, he would now appear to Cecilia in his natural demonic form. He no longer spoke sweet nothings into her ear but, rather, he would shove her down onto the floor, or the bed, and forcefully have sex with her. Cecilia would struggle to get away from him, making outward pleas and screams for him to leave her alone. But he carried on. He raped her, repeatedly and with brutal force, to re-instate his claim over Cecilia being his bride. After he left, Cecilia would be covered in scratch marks and she would be bleeding and in agony, crying hopelessly to herself.

Satan would now rape Cecilia, forcefully having sex with her, more than when she was willfully consenting to it, when she was his bride. Cecilia was petrified. Even if she had stayed over at someone else’s place, while her husband was at work, the same brutal rape scenario would still happen. Cecilia had no place to hide. There was no place to run. She was trapped. Repeatedly being brutally raped, with no one to help her escape.