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The First Time I Met Cecilia Steyn

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Once I had confirmed with Ria that I would meet Cecilia, a date and time was set. I had met with Ria at her place in Florida, Roodepoort, first. We decided to drive in two cars, so I proceeded to follow Ria to Cecilia’s flat in Krugersdorp.

My nerves were a wreck. I was shaking. I was not sure what I was supposed to expect in meeting Cecilia. She had a horrid past and was a very powerful witch… rituals, sacrifices and all of that. So much was running through my mind. What would she look like? Would she be dressed all in black clothing, black hair, goth makeup, and possibly even with a pentagram necklace? And what would her flat look like? Would there be skulls, an upside-down crucifix, and obvious occultic looking objects all over the place? Would her house be dark? Would it have an odd smell to it… like something had been killed, maybe? So many thoughts ran through my mind, as I drove. My heart was racing. I could feel it pounding through my chest. A lump in my throat. I felt like I could barely breathe. My nerves were on edge… and the closer we got to Krugersdorp, the worse my nerves became.

What I was not aware of, at that point, is that Cecilia needed to be notified beforehand if she was going to be introduced to someone new… and, more importantly, Cecilia had to agree to meeting with the person as well. It was a rule. However, Ria had not let Cecilia know that I was coming to see her that day.

Ria finally parked her car outside of Cecilia’s flat. I parked my car adjacent to hers, on the corner of the street. Ria quickly jumped out her of her car and gathered her things. With my legs shaking so much that I could barely stand, I managed to walk to where Ria was.

Cecilia’s flat (bottom right corner with the veranda)
Cosanna Flats, Burger Street, Krugersdorp

Ria then proceeded up the few steps to Cecilia’s front door, knocked once, and opened the door. Cecilia was in her living room, sitting on the couch by the TV. She looked at Ria and smiled. As Ria walked inside, I quickly followed behind her. Cecilia’s smile quickly changed to a horrified shock and confusion. She quickly glared at me and then shied away, as if she wanted to hide away from me. Ria seemed unaware of Cecilia’s response. I was confused but reasoned that Cecilia was probably scared of any newcomers and she did not know who I was… or, perhaps, she was still ashamed of her past and was not ready for more people to know about it.

In the first moment that I saw Cecilia, I was completely dumbstruck. She looked so ordinary. She looked plain… simple… innocent… and incredibly gentle. She looked like she was incapable of harming a fly, so how on earth could she have been a witch, having killed and sacrificed people? The contrast between what I was expecting, to what I saw, were two extreme opposites. The way she dressed was also ordinary… too ordinary… to be a witch, at least, as far as my mind perceived. Short dirty blonde hair, baggy blue tracksuit pants and a white t-shirt… not one trace of black clothing on her at all. To add to the confusion, Cecilia was also wearing a gold crucifix around her neck. Cecilia’s flat was just like an ordinary home. White walls, brown tiled floors, couches, TV… no questionable objects in sight. There were no indications, whatsoever, to indicate that Cecilia had been part of the occult. She was normal. Her house was normal. Everything… was just normal.

I greeted Cecilia but she never said a word back. She would not even look at me. She was awkward, fumbling with her fingers and as if she was feeling very out of place. Cecilia’s husband, Andries (Dries), greeted me but then quickly turned his attention back to the TV.

I was confused. Nervous… but confused. Cecilia looked nothing like what I had perceived… she did not look like she could come from an occult background, especially one that is so extreme. My nerves were still jittery but not because of what I was seeing but, simply, because of everything that I had heard before meeting Cecilia.

Ria kept interacting with Cecilia, but my presence seemed to be bothering her too much. Every time Ria spoke to Cecilia, she would look at me out the corner of her eye and then shy away again and remain quiet. Cecilia barely said a word the entire time that I was there… it was awkwardly quiet. I was starting to feel like I was the potential threat… not the other way round.