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In the beginning of meeting Cecilia, she only had one tattoo: a dragon on her shoulder. Cecilia was always overly and excessively proud of her tattoo, even though it just looked like a simple tribal dragon tattoo. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I asked her why this tattoo meant so much to her.

With excitement, Cecilia exclaimed, “It’s Draco!”

“Okay… what is Draco?” I asked with confusion.

“Draco is a demon name… but it’s also actually another name for satan… because… you know, he’s the dragon that the Bible talks about in Revelations,” she casually smirked.

“But isn’t the dragon called Leviathan?” I asked.

“Same thing…” Cecilia casually wavers my confusion off as nonsense, and then perked up again and said, “I had it done by some tribal people long ago… you know, when I studied with the Buddhists and Monks. They used specific elements to create the tattoo, instead of using normal tattoo ink. So the tattoo actually gives me protection too.”

Cecilia then ran her fingers over the tattoo… over and over again… and then said, “You know, if you touch it, you can even feel the granules from what they put inside the tattoo. You can feel that it’s different to normal tattoo ink. Touch it, you’ll see!”

Hesitantly, I reached over and ran my finger over Cecilia’s tattoo. I felt nothing unusual. I ran my fingers over it again but this time slowly, trying desperately to feel any type of granules that Cecilia was talking about… but I still felt nothing.

“I don’t feel anything…”

Cecilia responded by laughing at me and said, “That’s because you’re not in the occult. Only an occult person can feel it. I was just testing you!”

Confused was my only response… but eventually, I asked, “But why are you so proud of it, if represents satan… and you’ve left the occult?”

Cecilia gleamed at me and said, “Because I’ll always be connected to them.”


With Cecilia’s financial requirements becoming too excessive to keep up with, I eventually posed the question to her if I could teach her how to do website designs… at least simple ones, so that she could earn money herself, instead of waiting for handouts.

At first, she was not really keen on the idea and wavered it off. But I persisted, overly stating that I cannot keep up financially with all that she needs for her medicine, and that perhaps, by her working, she might be able to help me help her. I began overly elaborating about how easily I can teach her and that it would be a faster way for income… and eventually added that I’ll even set up her own website, logo and everything for her as a starting point as well. I was utterly desperate for Cecilia to at least try do something to work, instead of relying on me all the time.

Eventually, Cecilia seeing that I was desperate to try find other avenues to get money but also that I was adding pressure onto her to work herself, and that I was determined not to drop this subject, she eventually changed her mind and seemed somewhat enthusiastic about the idea.

With a sigh of relief, after Cecilia finally agreeing to let me teach her. The first thing I said to her was to come up with a company name.

Without hesitating, Cecilia exclaims, “Draco Websites!”

I glared at her with disgust and confusion, “Why Draco?”

Without even stopping to answer my question, she immediately pointed to her tattoo and said that she wanted the logo to look exactly like the dragon tattoo on her arm. I took a photo of the tattoo, so that I could search the internet for similar dragon images to use.

Tattoo of Draco
Closest depiction of the tattoo that Cecilia has on her arm.

Eventually, I felt some sign of hope with Cecilia being able to sustain herself financially, I began the designs according to the images and type of style that she wanted for her company. The overall theme had to be dark and fiery… not the nonsense type of look that I had for my own company.

Draco Websites
Front of the business card

Draco Websites
Back of the business card

I had gone to the full extent, creating the website, invoice templates and everything else required as a starting point for Cecilia to have her own business.

However, when it came to the time when I had to sit with Cecilia and explain to her, very simplistically, how to create a website, without fail, she always had an excuse to do something else… or she would merely zone out into watching a movie on TV, instead of paying attention to what I was trying to show her. Her disinterest in the whole learning process was very apparent.

I pressed on for weeks, trying to get Cecilia to even try pay any attention, whatsoever, in learning how to create a website… but she was NEVER interested. Eventually, I gave up altogether and Draco Websites never even began operating. No one knew about this company. Not even the others in Cecilia’s group knew about this company. It was purely a discussion that had happened between Cecilia and me.