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The Kawasaki Ninja

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Through the months of knowing Cecilia, I had met numerous family members of hers. I had seen them so many times that they all became somewhat familiar to me. Some were dangerous and some were merely loving family members.

On one particular day, that I visited Cecilia, Cameron[1] was there. He was one of Dries’ family members. Cecilia was in an ecstatic state. She and Dries were standing outside of the flat busy talking to Cameron. I greeted him and then the three of them carried on with their discussion. Something exciting was going on, but I had no clue as to what it was yet.

Eventually, Cecilia told me to jump in the car. Dries shouted for little Andries, and they both got into Cameron’s car. While driving, I asked, “What’s going on?”

“Wait and see!” Exclaimed Cecilia, barely able to keep still in the passenger seat.

We drove to a Motorcycle shop in Krugersdorp. Cecilia excitedly jumped out the car and ran inside. I followed her.

Cecilia paced up and down, analyzing each motorcycle individually. She hovered over one motorcycle specifically, a Kawasaki Ninja, and then finally climbed on top of it, to try balance herself to see if her feet would touch the floor… then she finally exclaimed, “This one!”

There was so much excitement going on that I could barely find a gap to talk, so I remained quiet and just observed everyone.

Cecilia then ran over to the display of motorcycle helmets. She selected a few and tried them on… and then she finally put one aside. She then called little Andries and proceeded to try helmets on his head, until she found one that fit. Dries finally walked over to where they were and selected a helmet. Three helmets were placed on the counter at the shop.

Cecilia then ran to the motorcycle jackets. She stood there in awe of all of them… finally pulling one by one, off the clothing rails, and trying them on. Finally, she put one of the jackets on the counter at the shop. Cecilia then went back to the Kawasaki Ninja to, yet again, stand in awe of it. Dries, Little Andries and Cameron remained by the counter at the shop. They were paying for the items. Now, finding a gap to be alone with Cecilia to talk to her, I again asked, “What’s going on?”

Cecilia, beaming with pride, exclaimed, “Cameron just received an inheritance from one of his relatives, and he said he wanted to buy a motorcycle for us and the gear too…”

Without being able to get a word in, Cecilia pointed at the Kawasaki Ninja and said, “This is EXACTLY the same one I had when I was younger! But I crashed it in an accident. I’ve so badly wanted one again!”

I stood there feeling rather concerned, “Do you think you’ll be safe on the bike? I mean with the way your health is… and the occult trying to attack you at any moment. You could end up in a serious accident.”

Cecilia laughed at me and said, “I know how to ride a motorcycle. I’ve been in so many accidents already… and besides, I know how to maneuver myself on the bike if something had to happen. Besides, I’ll only use it to ride around the block anyway…”

I was still very concerned but, within myself, I reasoned that this was Cecilia’s life… she knew the risks… and if she was being given a motorcycle, as a gift from a family member, that was really generous, but I was worried for her safety.


[1] Alias. Name reserved for privacy.