DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. My Own Confession (Part 4)

Amidst talking about Cecilia Steyn and the rest of the Krugersdorp Killers, I often withheld saying certain things. This is a somewhat sensitive topic for me, mostly because of how it makes me furiously angry with people who falsely claim to have DID and exaggerate it, and then use it to get away with… well, in this case, murder.

DID saved my own life. It DOES NOT kill lives!


Dissociative Identity Disorder on Brain Scanner

Schizophrenia vs Multiple Personality Disorder


Who Am I?

I am so thankful to those people who sent so many messages, telling me that they can wholeheartedly relate to what I had written in…

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Anger Malfunction

I honestly think this is somewhat of a ridiculous topic but it’s come up a fair bit, so I thought I would talk about it.…

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Good At Being A Loner

I’m a popular loner. I know a LOT of people but I hardly let anyone in… for various reasons. The one reason I will talk…

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Right now, I’m feeling the same overwhelming emotions that all my Authors talk about when they hold their books for the first time! It’s, simply,…

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DID, The New Superpower?

Believe it or not, I have only started watching the “Heroes” TV Series now. Okay… so after the first few episodes, I started raising the…

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My Mutant Genes?!

One of the “hot” topics, in my life, is why I don’t apparently seem to age… a constant question that is asked… and some have…

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You Never Know Until You Try

Looking back, my life seems like a series of “splats”. They say, “You never know, until you try,” and “If you don’t jump, then you…

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House MD & DID

I started binge watching the series “House MD”, again. I love this series for numerous reasons: Sarcastic remarks and events from Dr House (Hugh Laurie),…

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