“Who am I?”
People ask.
I ask myself too.

“Who am I?”
I don’t look like much.
I’m not picture perfect,
nor a model in a magazine.
I don’t think much of myself at all.

So, “Who am I?”
So, I look at my heart…
That’s my truth.
That’s where
you will find me.

Down to earth.
Head in the clouds.
Deep thoughts.
Funny moments.
and more…

I do not understand
why people are
the way they are…
because I am not that.

So, I try build up walls.
I try set boundaries.
I try change.
But how do you change
who you really are?

I can’t.
I am me.
That’s all I’ve ever been,
and all I ever will be.
I can’t change my heart.
I refuse
to become hard
to the world…
I just have to learn
to see the red flags
and heed their warning.

I keep most people
out of my life,
or at a distance,
because my heart
is too fragile
and too trusting.
I need to protect me.
But if I let you in,
if I let you know me,
know that it’s taken
everything in me,
to trust you,
to let you into my life,
to open my heart,
to let you in.

I am a loner.
Yet, I don’t like being alone.
But often,
it’s safer that way.
So, if I talk to you,
know that
you mean something
to me.
If I want
to spend time with you,
know that
I see something
valuable in you,
that my heart relates to.

No one
really knows me.
I am not
like the world.
I don’t think
the same.
I don’t act
the same.
Please don’t
expect me to be the same
because you’ll be

I’m an open book.
Just ask
and I’ll tell you
what you want to know.
Then watch my actions
and you’ll see
my word is true.

So, “Who am I?”
Simply, because
I’m not
like everyone else
in this world.