One of the “hot” topics of late, is Zodiac signs. Many fully believe in them, while others dispute them altogether. Some even go as far as, daily, following horoscopes in order to figure out how to “live life”. Now, I do not fully believe nor disbelieve in Zodiac signs. I can find truth to them and I can find fault in them. Let me explain.

If I look at myself, my Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Now, I have heard and read up on quite a substantial amount about Sagittarius traits, and all the “ins and outs” of what a “typical” Sagittarius does, in certain scenarios. I am definitely the “black sheep” in my Zodiac sign. There is a vast majority of traits that, simply, does not apply to me; yet, there are a fair enough amount of traits that do. I know a handful of other Sagittarius people… Some of which are almost identical to the description of this Zodiac sign; Some who have only a few of these traits; And some that I would DEFINITELY not say are Sagittarius by any means.

While trying to find out more about Astrology and Zodiac signs, I stumbled upon numerous other signs that are also applicable to each person; i.e. Your rising sign, and so on. I then decided to use an online calculator to see how accurate these would be, for myself. You input your date and time of birth, and out “spits” the website about “who you are” as a person. The information was seemingly endless and I did not, admittedly, read all of it because it was, simply, way too much to read online. BUT I must, however, admit that it was like reading about myself. Almost as if someone watched my entire life, under a microscope, and then wrote about it. Dumbfounded!

Now, with becoming more curious about star signs, I thought about back tracking to the time of my conception. I mean, after all, when people ask you what Zodiac sign you are, you usually tell them your “birth” star sign, and not the entire list of Zodiac signs that are assigned to you in detail. But now, since my “birth” star sign was more inaccurate than accurate, back tracking to my time of conception seemed like a somewhat logical thing to do. So what is my “conception” star sign? Pisces. In looking up Pisces, in extensive detail, I could most definitely say that I would be more “loyal” to the time that I “appeared” on this planet, than when I actually “stepped foot” on this planet. If that makes any sense? Pisces doesn’t “sum me up” to complete accuracy, but it does seem to apply to me far more than Sagittarius does. Combine the two, and you end up with me, basically. Look at all the “extra” star signs assigned to me, you pretty much read my life and my “way of being”. 

On a side note: In looking at Sagittarius and Pisces, I found it rather odd (and interesting) that I would be both a fire and water sign… enemy elements, basically. Of course, I made countless jokes about this because I had, apparently, a constant “war” going on “in the stars” about me, and of course, I jokingly blamed the stars for the disasters in my life – No, I didn’t honestly believe that it was because of this that I had encountered so many disastrous scenarios in my life. Not too long after, someone made a rather dumbfounding statement about being assigned these two, extreme opposite, elements… Fire and Water… They create balance and harmony. And then they further added that this is probably why I am fairly stable, and well-balanced, on the inside of me.

I decided then to take this a little further and look up the Zodiac signs for the people that I knew fairly well, which was basically family. The answer boiled down, yet again, to a 50/50 threshold. Not completely right; not completely wrong. I then looked at the friends I have; again 50/50.

So, why do people obsess over star signs? I can see some merit in it, honestly, but not entirely altogether, as not everyone holds complete truth under their assigned star sign. I am merely rambling on about my current thoughts about star signs, and they will more than likely change over the course of time. So for everyone who would like to argue this point with me, please bare with me as I am still figuring this out.

I do believe star signs have some truth to them but not completely. I believe that when we arrive on planet Earth, yes, star signs play an importance, but I truly believe that there are other vital factors at play, which end up determining exactly who we become as people. Here are just some:

  1. Family genetics and/or characteristics, passed on from parents and the family line, always ends up as part of the child’s character; at least, in one way or other.
  2. The type of family you are born into is a huge determining factor because you are raised with morals (or lack of), traditions, the belief of what your family deems as “right” and “wrong”, and so on.
  3. Personality/mental disorders can play a huge factor.
  4. The scenarios that are played out in your life AND how you tackle each one, I believe, is possibly the biggest factor, out of these listed.

Looking at myself, as well as family members, I can whole-heartedly believe that aside from Zodiac signs, these other 4 factors play a great deal in ultimately molding who a person becomes. Perhaps, when we are born, we are true to our star sign, but as life carries on, our personalities/characteristics adjust and change along the way to ultimately make us “who we are” as individuals. As a random, fairly logical point (I would think), I could point out that if EVERYONE was born 100% true, or even just 50% true, to their star signs, then at the end of the day, we could ultimately “custom-make” babies. If you like the traits of a certain star sign, aim to have your “little bundle of joy” arrive on planet Earth during that certain time frame, which would assign them to that specific star sign. 

Side stepping slightly here. Giving that I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), I was posed with a random, fairly interesting, question: “Do each of your parts have different star signs?” It didn’t take me long to figure out that this is potentially very true. Each DID part is “born” at different times in a person’s life and, therefore, “logically” they would be assigned under different star signs. So given that each DID part has different star signs, each also then taking on different character family traits, and each figuring out “life” and trauma in different ways, and so on… thus then molds the DID parts even further into being “who they are”. Now, in order then to “sum me up”: Combine all of this, for myself, and then include all of this, for my DID parts too. This is sounding exceptionally complex, to be honest. Yet, I actually and in all honestly, don’t “feel” as complex as it sounds. I am merely “me”… but maybe this is why I am so often told that I am exceptionally different to most people. Interesting point that I’ll ponder for a long time.

When looking at each of the different Zodiac signs, fairly in-depth, I found that I could relate a fair amount to a vast majority of each of these star signs, and some only a little. When looking at Zodiac signs regarding people that come into my life… WOW! Okay… exceptionally tricky, yet at the same time, I can also relate. Sometimes, looking at the Zodiac signs with regards to friendships, and relationships, I honestly want to “throw in the towel” and say, “Na’a! No thank you!” or “Are you serious??? You have to be joking!” …but at the same time, I can also relate to other aspects that make sense… sense to the core of who I am as a person. I hope I haven’t lost you in my rambling here.

At the end of the day, for now, I have basically concluded that while some people hold exceptionally true to their star signs in character traits and behaviour, there are also others who do not. Whether it be family traits or life or personality/mental disorders, as a whole, that molds these people, or a factor that I have yet to discover, I don’t know. I do know, “to be safe”, it is a logical idea to take note of star signs but also not be fully persuaded by them altogether.

Possibly to be continued at another time, once I have figured out more…