DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. My Own Confession (Part 4)

Amidst talking about Cecilia Steyn and the rest of the Krugersdorp Killers, I often withheld saying certain things. This is a somewhat sensitive topic for me, mostly because of how it makes me furiously angry with people who falsely claim to have DID and exaggerate it, and then use it to get away with… well, in this case, murder.

DID saved my own life. It DOES NOT kill lives!

“Who is” Cecilia Steyn? The Gates Of Hell & The Bride of Satan (Part 1)

Cecilia Steyn’s birth was prophesied about for years… to then be born into the occult, to endure the abuse, the training, have specifically structured DID systems, to inherit supernatural abilities, to commit murders, and to be married to satan during an occult ritual… all with the purpose for opening the gates of hell on Earth.

DID, Demon Possession Or Perfect Acting? (Part 3)

Answering the question: Could it be demon possession? Having personally witnessed pure demon possession before… including feedback from those who also have… and some even having previously been demon possessed before themselves… then comparing all of this to everything I have witnessed with Cecilia Steyn. Did “the devil make her do it”?

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. Did She Kill My Cat? (Part 7)

With all the bizarre events regarding Cecilia Steyn and astralling… and with how Cecilia Steyn would victimize animals… and with the extremes Cecilia Steyn would go to in order to manipulate and control people… Was she the one who killed my cat?

DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder. What is DID? (Part 2)

Answering the questions… what is DID, how is it developed and how does it function? … and trying to answer as simply as possible. The brain, itself, is very intriguing, especially when you start diving into DID… but ultimately, a life-saving capability.

DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder (Part 1)

Cecilia Steyn’s claims on having DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder); taking a LITERAL life-saving disorder and turning it into a complete psycho “freak show”. The EXTREME nonsense that she fabricated, to EVERY extreme…. and a major shock-factor as to how far she took it to.