When reading Leviathan Walks, it is hard to acknowledge that this book is based on real life events.

Hard to acknowledge that while some people seem to cruise along in their life journey seemingly without a care in the world, while others are fighting daily struggles. Struggles well hidden from the world. Forced smiles and daily pretenses that all is well. Meanwhile deep within, they are crying out just to be heard and accepted.

This book is about Sacrifice and Bravery. It’s about feeling lost and alone in the world while finding out where you belong. It is about being mentally abused and feeling as though God has abandoned you. It’s about struggles accepting a hurtful past, about being betrayed over and over again. It’s also about coming to the realization that the only way to heal from Spiritual attacks and battles was to have Faith and seeking Spiritual redemption.

Leviathan is a must read book for everyone going through struggles. You are not alone and you CAN overcome.